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Why is it that so many top chefs are left handed?

I have noticed for a long time by watching TV cooking shows that a disproportionately high number of top chefs seem to be left handed, including Gordon Ramsay. Earlier this morning, I was watching a show which featured three Michelin starred chefs - all three of whom were left handed. Is this simply coincidence, or is it something to do with the creative/artistic side of the brain making for better chefs?

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Denise Handlon says

3 years ago
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James Robertson (BraidedZero) says

3 years ago
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local connection says

3 years ago
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    James Robertson (BraidedZero) 3 years ago

    It's funny that you say that. My brother is a southpaw and my parents tried to train him to use his left hand as a child. So sad that people just couldn't accept their children the way they were.