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Why do they call them wisdom teeth, and where did the name come from?

Wisdom teeth aren't at all very useful as far as teeth go. They are literary a pain to have removed, and I've also never heard of the tooth fairy paying any more for wisdom teeth either. They certainly aren't the smartest teeth that are hanging around in your mouth, so why are they called wisdom teeth.

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Phyllis Doyle Burns (Phyllis Doyle) says

12 months ago
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    MizBejabbers 12 months ago

    Phyllis, X-rays showed that my lower wisdom teeth never developed. but I still have my two uppers. Does this mean I'm not as wise as I could have been?

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Rachel L Alba says

12 months ago
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possum lover says

12 months ago
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  • TheHoleStory profile image

    TheHoleStory 12 months ago

    Now that kind of reasoning makes a lot of sense.