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Have you ever had your story interpreted in a way you didn't like?

One of the great things about literature is the lenses through which we can interpret any given story. Below the surface it could be a coming of age narrative or a struggle with a changing country. I generally find these interpretations fascinating, but as writers, have you ever had one of your stories interpreted in a way you didn't like? Maybe your reader thought it was religious, when it wasn't, or maybe they thought the character was sexist when they were written to be. If this has happened to you, how did you react to it? Did you change your story?

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d.william says

2 years ago
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  • Mklow1 2 years ago

    Talking negatively about some1's beliefs is like talking about their weight. If u perceive a stranger on the street as fat, would u go up 2 them and tell them? u might be correct, but it is just not polite. so why do that on the internet?

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Thomas Swan says

2 years ago
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