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What is the best way to separate these plants?

I can't seem to get my hydrangeas to grow in width but they shoot straight up. Now, I noticed a rose bush has grown into one of the hydrangeas. I know I need more acidic soil for the hydrangeas. I think I can force the rose bush to grow away from the Hydrangea, but just wondering if I should just replant the hydrangeas. Anyone have any ideas?

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Best Answer Jackie Lynnley says

20 months ago
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    Faith Reaper 20 months ago

    Thanks Jackie. I can't believe I have just now noticed this had happened! That is a good idea about the pots. They bloomed beautifully the first year and now ... not sure what happened. Soil must not be right. Bless you

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The Examiner-1 says

20 months ago
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