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How do you declutter your wardrobe?

My children have plenty of clothes. One of them will be going to hostel next month. I dont feet like touching the wardrobe and segregate their clothes when I see the mess. It may take two full days for me to organize..

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Best Answer Dr Pran Rangan says

19 months ago
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    JR Krishna (thumbi7) 19 months ago

    Thank you Sir for this valuable idea. I will try it out.

    My children also have more clothes than what they need and I feel partly it is my fault.

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Chitrangada Sharan (ChitrangadaSharan) says

19 months ago
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RTalloni says

19 months ago
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    Liz Elias (DzyMsLizzy) 19 months ago

    I agree! If they're old enough to go off on their own, they're old enough to take responsibility for their own "stuff." Tough love, here. Tell them you have xxx time to do it, or I will, and no complaints of how it was done!

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Diana Abrahamson says

12 months ago
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peachy (peachpurple) says

19 months ago
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