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Would you feel betrayed that your ex husband or wife confessed to being a transgender?

If you were married or in a long term relationship with children and your ex spouse or significant other confess as being transgender, would you feel like your relationship was a sham?

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Best Answer d.william says

16 months ago
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  • Sweetsusieg profile image

    Sweetsusieg 16 months ago

    One would think say after many years of marriage that the betrayer would recognize in their spouse compassion or the understanding it would take to make such a confession.

    The hardest part to accept is all the lying that preceded the confession.

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Jacqui (jlpark) says

16 months ago
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  • Aime F profile image

    Aime (Aime F) 16 months ago

    Yep, totally agree with this.

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dashingscorpio says

16 months ago
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  • d.william profile image

    d.william 16 months ago

    betrayal: to fail or desert; to lead astray..Hiding a truth from someone that would surely end a relationship is certainly shocking as well as a betrayal. We can recover from a shock, but losing a loved 1 is impossible to overcome.

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Sweetsusieg says

16 months ago
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  • jlpark profile image

    Jacqui (jlpark) 16 months ago

    I can see that it could be seen as betrayal, particularly early on. I'd hope I didn't but hey - we're all human


TheBizWhiz says

16 months ago
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  • Stacie L profile image

    Stacie L 16 months ago

    Yes, I would wonder which moments were real or fake as well,if I were the ex spouse.