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For a short story I'm writing: How did you win your spouse back from divorcing you?

Watching "The Astronaut's Wives Club" last night led to this question although it's not directly related to the events of the show. I understand that reconciling when one person has already "left the marriage in his/her mind" is very rare and it seems as if the decision is in the hands of the "leaver" However, if you consciously did SOMETHING to stop your divorce, I'm interested in strategies in how you were cleverly able to direct your spouse back into the marriage. I'm not looking for on-going habits of good marriages, I'm looking for strategies that stopped the proverbial "train wreck".

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M. T. Dremer says

18 months ago
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    KatyWhoWaited 18 months ago

    M.T. Thanks! Yes, I'm looking for a narrative perspective. I'll have to come up with some life altering event that would work. How about the daughter becomes anorexic?

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dashingscorpio says

18 months ago
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