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I am confused about marriage, can you help?

I am a Christian, well, a growing Christian. I still have to work on a few aspects of my life. Anyways, I met a guy, who I am bestfriends with& love him .In the begining of our relationship, we had sex. I knew it was wrong but I let my flesh take over. I had a talk with him, & I told him I wanted to wait till marriage. Well, 7months later, I slipped up again... Then I began to look into marriage. Eveyrthing to me anymore has been corrupted by satan and I am not sure what is the right way to actually get married or if proclaiming our love to God is enough to be married in his eyes. PLEASE HELP!

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Jay Hunter says

6 years ago
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rameshbashyam says

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Phoebe Pike says

6 years ago