How do I go about helping a Spirit Cross over...Is it part of the empath's job?

Hello, everyone. I have just become an Empath lately and I have a question...I can not necessary see spirits ...I can sense their feelings 2 times more powerful then it would a normal empath...OR so I Have been told ... And my guide has told me that now that my abilities are quickly growing to an dormant power inside me that I have to learn how to do the job of helping a spirit cross over to the other side. How do I go about the transition because I can't tell my parents who are firm Christians and if it is something paranormal they would think im Loony....

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BRENDA 7 says

7 years ago
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makanaka says

7 years ago
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Blaa Blaa says

3 years ago
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rosesinsnow says

6 years ago
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