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What do you think I should do?

I have been so turned off of Christianity by so many people, mostly family, because all they do is judge EVERYBODY and condemn them all to hell. Well, I know I don't have to be like them in any way. I know I can still have my own relationship with God, but I cannot be a part of a religion based on things I do not believe in. I also cannot stand the fact that my entire family would instantly judge me and look down upon me for not being Christian. What should I do?

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Best Answer Lisa Brown (lisasuniquevoice) says

3 years ago
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    Eric Prado 3 years ago

    Thank you SO MUCH, Lisa for answering my question. I appreciate your input profoundly and you're right. I do need to be true to myself. I'm so exhausted from trying to please everybody. It is aging me and I'm so tired. =( Thank you so much!

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Peeples says

3 years ago
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Craig Suits says

3 years ago