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To whom are tithings paid (and how) in this modern age, especially if outside of organized churches?

"Robbing God" is defined in scripture as not paying a tithe (10%, or more) of our increase in any given year. As God knows our hearts and intent, it seems important to obey this commandment by paying an honest tithe." This commandment comes with a promise, as do all or most commandments we are obedient to. For those who assert that churches are not scriptural (and I believe Jesus Christ established His church and added to it) how is presenting God a tithe accomplished?

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t aaron brown says

23 months ago
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MizBejabbers says

23 months ago
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    Demas W Jasper (Perspycacious) 23 months ago

    I am aware that perishable foods donated to a local food bank, if left over at the end of the day, must be destroyed, or the donating stores would stop donating. I understand their lpogic, but not the waste.

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