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All of my life I have been observing, now, through my writing and Graphics, I am sharing my observations and opinions (sometime quite strong).
Happily married, to the same beautiful lady since 1962. We have been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren.
My many interests include :photography, painting, sculpting and making the odd piece of jewelery. I love lively discussion, feel free to visit my Hubs and leave a comment or three! You will find them all listed below.

My wife has joined me here writing on HubPages. She recounts her take on life as "Oliversmum". I hope you will find it as interesting a read as I have.

Remember if I can do it "you can to" and if you want to write and publish for fun, and maybe make a little bit of money, join HubPages for free! Sign up now!

On Twitter ? Facebook? Why not follow along? Links over there >>>>

I also run a blog called GreyPowerTimes The blog tells how an old guy like me views the world ?

I can be found on the Internet via: Google+

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      • Link to the Hubpages Blog ?

        Link to the Hubpages Blog ?

        2 years ago

        The link to the HP Blog used to be located on the footer of each page but now it is 'gone'!Has it been put somewhere else?  I have searched for it but can't find it ?Why not put the link under the 'Explore' drop...

      • Hub of the Day x two !

        Hub of the Day x two !

        2 years ago

        Just thought I would add some 'positiveness' to the HOTD discussions Is this some kind of record for getting two HOTDs ?mhiggins published  a Hub - 18th October 2014 - was awarded a well deserved HOTD.then...

      • Slide Views Accolade ?

        Slide Views Accolade ?

        4 years ago

        Just a thought for those of us interested in Accolades?Since we are awarded an Accolade for a certain number of Page Views how about getting awarded Accolades for a certain number of Slide Views?

      • ads on every page????

        ads on every page????

        5 years ago

        Is it just me or is everyone else getting ads showing up on every page (even this one) There is a banner ad showing up just under the Hubpages header and under the ad there is a notice -ads not by this site-

      • FIXED: Other user's image showing under "Recent Images"

        FIXED: Other user's image showing under "Recent Images"

        5 years ago

        I have just activated the new Profile and the very first image on the 'Recent Image' block is NOT one of my images!Here is the link: http://s2.hubimg.com/u/6915245_f1024.jpgIs there some way that we as users can 'edit'...

      • Images and Albums

        Images and Albums

        6 years ago

        Any image I upload into Hubpages seems to arbitrarily be placed into an Album. If I click on the image in the Photo Feature (on Account page) it gives me a list of Albums. Does anyone know how to edit or create Albums?

      • Prime Minister J. Gillard's speech to America

        Prime Minister J. Gillard's speech to America

        6 years ago

        Did anyone bother to watch our PM Julie Gillard address to the American parliament?  I only saw a small snippet but what I saw made me squirm in my seat.  What I saw was cloying (and that is being kind) and I...

      • Where did our profile ads go?

        Where did our profile ads go?

        7 years ago

        It may be just my age or I'm going mad. I'm sure we used to have ads on our Profile page. I have just noticed that they are missing.I checked some old screen shots and sure enough they were there.Did I miss an...

      • Mothers Day

        Mothers Day

        7 years ago

        We would like to say hello to all the Mothers, Mums, Moms, Grandmothers, Grannys. (In fact any lady who is a mother)We want to also wish them a Happy Mothers day and hope that they get plenty of Hugs and Kisses from...

      • medal for 100 followers

        medal for 100 followers

        7 years ago

        Now here is a strange thing I just noticed?"oliversmum" a newish hubber is showing that she has 99 followers! On her hubtivity she has received a medal for having 100 followers!Anyone got any ideas ?

      • "earnestshub" now has 500 Fans

        "earnestshub" now has 500 Fans

        8 years ago

        Congratulations Earnest for reaching the great milestone of 500 Fans.OK parties over get to work on the next 500.Oh only 499 to go. LOL

      • earnestshub 300 fans

        earnestshub 300 fans

        8 years ago

        I would like to congratulate earnestshub on achieving the level of having 300 fans.Well done mate !       

      • email request outside of Hubpages

        email request outside of Hubpages

        8 years ago

        Iv'e been receiving more and more emails like the one below from new Hubbers. (names changed to protect the innocent, the Hubber was not actually called xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Not a bad idea though)   Is Hubpages branching...

      • status ranking

        status ranking

        8 years ago

        OK I know I am a bit slow at times but I am trying really hard to catch up.I cannot see the status (prodigy expert etc.)anymore. Has someone stolen it? Have the Hub Police came and arrested it.I think Misha must have...

      • Hub Score of 1

        Hub Score of 1

        9 years ago

        Just as a matter of interest can anyone tell me how you would get a Hubscore of only 1.

      • That number 69

        That number 69

        9 years ago

        Iv'e just hit 69 fans I just love that number.Which ever way you look at it it is so er "good".