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  • Learning to Play Ad Lib on the Saxophone

    Learning to Play Ad Lib on the Saxophone

    11 years ago

    If you play the saxophone and want to progress to ad lib playing to your favorite songs, you can by simply starting to figure out the differences in key signatures between the guitars and your sax. By working on your scales and by studying a bit of music theory, you'll be on your way.

  • How to remedy the creaking in a Honda Odyssey side door.

    How to remedy the creaking in a Honda Odyssey side door.

    11 years ago

    If you are the owner or know somebody with a creaking, rattling Honda Odyssey mini van, this simple fix may stop some of it. The side doors on these vans make most of it, it seems. Silencing the door only takes a couple minutes and a few dollars.

  • My Masterbath Bathroom Renovation

    My Masterbath Bathroom Renovation

    11 years ago

    If you are interested in completing a bathroom renovation, try researching the project before starting. There is a chance you can do a lot of the work yourself thus saving thousands along the way. You will be happier in the end.

  • Stop Running in the Wrong Shoes

    Stop Running in the Wrong Shoes

    11 years ago

    As a runner, you need to protect your feet from the beating they take day in and day out. The way your feet impact the ground could be adding discomfort and even damage if the correct shoes are not added to your arsenal. Look into a running store that will cater to you and your feet, matching you...

  • Anonymous Giving Feels Good

    Anonymous Giving Feels Good

    7 years ago

    The other day I was sitting in a commercialized eating establishment with a couple coworkers eating lunch and a homeless man came in and sat down. What happened next humbled me.

  • Tired? Get Up and Get Moving!

    Tired? Get Up and Get Moving!

    11 years ago

    If you’ve been feeling tired lately, there is obviously a reason for it and it may be simpler to remedy than you think. The most obvious reason for being tired is a lack of sleep either as a fault of yourself or some uncontrollable reason such as...

  • Great Travel Destination - South Dakota?

    Great Travel Destination - South Dakota?

    11 years ago

    Keystone, SD is a great place for a summer getaway. With the countless things to experience and do, your free time will be non-existent. Being only two miles from Mount Rushmore, it is the perfect place to stay while you visit this great piece of U.S. history.

  • Integrity Check

    Integrity Check

    11 years ago

    I have struggled for many years with the stories told of bad integrity and horrible ethics with what seem to be the simple things in life. The decisions some people make when a different decision is so evident, and right and prudent astonish me....

  • Run to Achieve

    Run to Achieve

    11 years ago

    What was it about a mountain marathon that offered almost the full distance of 26.2 miles as uphill travel? I think that I have figured it out after interacting with many other runners on the bus to the starting line the morning of April 29, 2012,...

  • Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

    Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

    11 years ago

    Build your own outdoor kitchen or barbeque instead of paying a huge amount for a contractor to do it for you. Visit Backyard Flare, LLC for all you will need to make it a reality.

  • My First Marathon Experience

    My First Marathon Experience

    12 years ago

    My first marathon experience was painful and at times filled with agony. I persevered and kept running. By the end of the marathon experience, I was asking myself when the next one was scheduled.

  • Why Wait For An Organized Marathon?

    Why Wait For An Organized Marathon?

    12 years ago

    Creating your own marathon is sometimes the best move for runners who want to run a marathon on their terms. Your route, your day, your time. Although the big events are fun and exciting, sometimes just running your own course on your own day is a better choice.

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    Outdoor Fireplace Plans and Building Materials

    11 years ago

    If you decide to build your own outdoor fireplace just know that building a large structure is no different that building a small block structure. Building a cinder block fireplace may seem a bit difficult but it's as easy as stacking blocks in a pattern. Materials lists in your fireplace...

  • Building Your Own Outdoor Fireplace - DIY Part 3

    Building Your Own Outdoor Fireplace - DIY Part 3

    11 years ago

    If you have ever thought of having your own outdoor fireplace, then you have the choice of building it yourself or having a contractor build it for you. There is a bit of prep work that goes into the slab and materials used.

  • Building Your Own Outdoor Fireplace - DIY Part 2

    Building Your Own Outdoor Fireplace - DIY Part 2

    11 years ago

    When you decide to build your own outdoor fireplace, you will first need to know what you will burn. Wood, firelogs, liquid propane, or natural gas. There are many options and all have their pluses and minuses.

  • Outdoor Fireplace Plans

    Outdoor Fireplace Plans

    12 years ago

    Before building your own outdoor fireplace, there are some things to consider and think about first. Where do you build it, are there trees in the immediate area, and do you have enough seating? Building codes may sometimes make a difference in the size, construction, and type of fireplace you...

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    Do I hire a contractor or build my own outdoor fireplace?

    7 years ago

    Outdoor fireplaces are a very popular trend for homeowners. This article will help you decide whether to hire a construction company to build one or whether you should build it yourself.


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