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Brandon (Brandon Bledsoe)

Joined 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

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  • In Time(Frozen)

    In Time(Frozen)

    6 years ago

  • Can't Open Up(Relationship)

    Can't Open Up(Relationship)

    7 years ago

    Long barrier of walls shield me from anymore pain. So what you see is a mirage A face that doesn't describe how I feel and am. So much grief then came through these eyes I am afraid to tell. As you knock down the walls I rebuild them And make them...

  • Change


    7 years ago

    Life is pain tears from skin that will never complain. Opportunity knock on your door but you too lazy to put in work to answer the front door. Seasons pass and still no change. However you complain that you have no change.

  • 3

    Son to Mother

    7 years ago

    I look into your eyes And I see more than just A woman I see a Beautiful, Strong, Eloquent, Classy, Knowledgeable Black Phenomenal Woman You are the ying to my yang. The puzzle piece to my heart. My motivation and ...

  • Why do we settle?

    Why do we settle?

    7 years ago

    Why do we settle for less put in a predicament of pain. So caught in lust hoping to see love to help our aims. Tears of pain some forever we're not clever enough to stop settling for less. Maybe it's to fill that void...

  • I am

    I am "Free"

    7 years ago

    Dawn to Dust. Over 400 years of enslavement I couldn't dare speak to another person because of my skin engravement. Shackles bounded me but now I am Free well to a certain extent but still free. Lands I couldn't see I see. ...

  • poem: Love,Lost

    poem: Love,Lost

    7 years ago

    A poem about you have love and it slowly dissipate.

  • poem: Life

    poem: Life

    7 years ago

    Seems so easy until we grow up. Life full of pain and goals that is blind to the naked eye. All of the confusion and obstacles life throws at us but...

  • American Dream

    American Dream

    7 years ago

    Land of opportunity where you plant your seeds and water them. Your dreams will grow. Ambitious mind nobody can't seem to find don't follow the yellow brick road like everyone else. A path to destruction. Take your own path. Let...

  • Little Sister

    Little Sister

    7 years ago

    Born a year apart looking like twins. A bond we shared like no other. You left mother arms before one. Too young to understand. My other half. My twin. My sister. Has left me for good. Time has passed I realized my other...

  • Trapped In My Thoughts

    Trapped In My Thoughts

    7 years ago

    Caged in my thoughts it feel as I could never get out a wave of thoughts come rushing in. It feels as if I'm in an ocean, when the tides are constantly coming. Reasons I do not understand. Ideas. Great Ideas flow through my...

  • The Lost Boy of Himself

    The Lost Boy of Himself

    7 years ago

    A boy who doesn't know who he is and doesn't know why he's here . Great Poem!

  • Belief, I Believe Now

    Belief, I Believe Now

    7 years ago

    A poem about restoring belief, an event happen now believing is out of the question.

  • Out of the Darkness, To reach My Dream

    Out of the Darkness, To reach My Dream

    7 years ago

    In the night I try to find light only by the hunger the perseverance the determination I find light. It beams so bright so bright. I can only imagine what it feels like to touch it to breathe it to walk it So. I clinch my...

  • We Are BLACK

    We Are BLACK

    7 years ago

    For centuries, we were looked down upon Misguided. Mistreated. We Are Black. Looked down, when a white person walked by, had separate urinals, water fountains. We Are Black. Now times has changed, education became the seed, ...

  • Love, What Is LOVE?

    Love, What Is LOVE?

    7 years ago

    A eloquent great poem about love.

  • I, too am American

    I, too am American

    7 years ago

    A poem about African Americans been in this country for a long time; they are citizens but not American.


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