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    "Riddick": B-Movie of the Year

    9 years ago

    The latest, and hopefully last, installment in the Riddick saga is the best B-movie of the year! Fans of the first installment will be pleasantly surprised by these entertaining 90-minutes.

  • The Conjuring, FTW!

    The Conjuring, FTW!

    9 years ago

    James Wan brings audiences yet another modernized ghost story that builds high-anxiety and tension by offering characters you can actually care about.

  • Silent Hill: Revelation, WTF?

    Silent Hill: Revelation, WTF?

    10 years ago

    It’s been six years since the first Silent Hill movie came out in theaters, and became known as one of the best video game adaptations. Unfortunately the style of the original director is nowhere in sight, with Michael J. Bassett taking over the...

  • Limitless, YAY!

    Limitless, YAY!

    10 years ago

    In all honesty, I’ve been avoiding Limitless. It’s been on my “To Watch” list for the past year, and I tried to watch it at least three times since. But for some reason I could not get through the opening voice-over done by Bradley Cooper....

  • Dredd, FTW!

    Dredd, FTW!

    10 years ago

    I was never a huge Judge Dredd fan - not for lack of interest, but simply because I didn’t know much about it (it also was created about 12 years before my birth). The 1995 film-adaptation, starring Sylvester Stalone, didn’t help either. But...

  • Winter's Bone, FTW!

    Winter's Bone, FTW!

    10 years ago

    Winter’s Bone (2010) has been on my movie list for the longest time, and I finally got around to watching the film all the way through. The film, nominated for four Academy Awards, has a great reputation and is considered the breakthrough...

  • Sin Nombre, Meh.

    Sin Nombre, Meh.

    10 years ago

    I recently watched the foreign film, Sin Nombre (2009) - the directorial debut of Cary Joji Fukunaga, which came out three years ago. The film focuses on the stories of Casper (Edgar Flores), a member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang seeking redemption,...

  • The Dark Knight Rises, FTW!

    The Dark Knight Rises, FTW!

    10 years ago

    And just like that, Nolan’s Batman trilogy is over. After the release and excitement of The Dark Knight, of course people would be lining up to catch the final chapter in Nolan’s dark adaptation of the DC comic. The initial trailers for the...

  • In the Mouth of Madness, WTF?

    In the Mouth of Madness, WTF?

    9 years ago

    In the Mouth of Madness (1995) John Carpenter’s 1995 film, In the Mouth of Madness, has gained a cult following of sorts, as I found the title on many ‘must see horror movies’ lists. The Lovecraftian film focuses on the recounted story of an...

  • Prometheus IDK

    Prometheus IDK

    10 years ago

    Prometheus (2012) Ridley Scott’s recent Sci-Fi adventure, Prometheus, a distant prequel to the 1979 classic, Alien, offers a ‘profound’ exploration of the origin of the human species. The first half of the film kept me riddled with excitement...

  • A Serbian Film, WTF?

    A Serbian Film, WTF?

    10 years ago

    A Serbian Film (2010) I am unsure of how many people have heard of A Serbian Film, as it has gained infamy for its graphic nature and disturbing content. Maybe you're thinking, "First The Human Centipede and now this?" Yes, I actually seek out the...

  • Horrible Bosses, LOL

    Horrible Bosses, LOL

    11 years ago

    When Horrible Bosses first came out in the summer of 2011 I was actually pretty uninterested in the film. The trailer’s didn’t hook me, and the story seemed kind of ridiculous. Fortunately the movie premiered on HBO not too long ago, so I got to...

  • The Human Centipede 2, WTF?

    The Human Centipede 2, WTF?

    11 years ago

    The Human Centipede 2 (2011) Writing a review about The Human Centipede 2 (2011) feels a little ridiculous. The film has gained so much infamy in the film realm as being absolutely gory and revolting. By now people most likely already made up their...

  • The Ides of March, Meh

    The Ides of March, Meh

    11 years ago

    The Ides of March (2011) Just watched the 2011 American political drama, The Ides of March, directed by George Clooney from a screenplay adapted from the 2008 play, Farragut North. The film starts out strong with an ensemble cast, including Ryan...

  • I Saw The Devil, FTW!

    I Saw The Devil, FTW!

    11 years ago

    I Saw The Devil (2010) I have always been a fan of Korean films, especially since my first viewing of Oldboy (2003). Most Korean films I’ve watched are get messy to handle the somewhat grittier plots. Viewers can see a side of humanity that is...

  • Something Borrowed WTF

    Something Borrowed WTF

    11 years ago

    Something Borrowed (2011) This “Romantic Comedy” has been playing non-stop on HBO, and I didn’t really hear much about it when it came out May 2011 – so I sat through it. Something Borrowed tells the story of lonely single attorney, Rachel...

  • Deadgirl, WTF?

    Deadgirl, WTF?

    11 years ago

    Deadgirl (2008) Just finished watching Deadgirl (2008)… maybe I should say re-watching, considering I had to watch it twice to really understand how I feel about it. The premise is pretty unusual and kind of sickening, but deserves...

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    "The Walking Dead" Guidelines

    11 years ago

    The Walking Dead I just spent most of yesterday, and a lot of the night before watching The Walking Dead marathons and just finished the return of season two. Immediately I got wrapped up into the show, because there really are no other zombie...

  • Wake Wood, FTW!

    Wake Wood, FTW!

    11 years ago

    Wake Wood (2011) During my recent horror binge I happened to watch the UK and Irish horror feature, The Wake Wood (2011). After the death of their only nine-year-old daughter, Alice (Ella Connolly), Patrick (Aidan Gillen) and Louise (Eva...

  • Red Riding Hood, LOL

    Red Riding Hood, LOL

    11 years ago

    Red Riding Hood (2011) I’ll tell you right now… Red Riding Hood (2011)should *not* be taken seriously. With a few drinks, this movie is just great for hilarious (maybe drunken) commentary. In that way it’s kind of like Mystery Science...

  • Chronicle, FTW!

    Chronicle, FTW!

    11 years ago

    Chronicle (2012) I love Sci-Fi movies, and fortunately Chronicle was a great, exciting film to see in the theater this weekend. We follow the story of the discovery of a mysterious source of power that has a life-changing impact on the trio that...

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    The Mentalist. IDK.

    11 years ago

    The Mentalist Poster I finally sat down for an episode of The Mentalist after three years and three seasons of success and awards / nominations. The main character, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is an intelligent, observational, insightful smart-ass....

  • Insidious? Meh

    Insidious? Meh

    10 years ago

    Insidious (2011) When I first saw the trailer for Insidious (2011) I got really excited about it; it actually looked like it could scare me. Luckily it’s now available on Netflix and I watched it all alone between the hours of 2 and 4am. This is...

  • Law Abiding Citizen, WTF?

    Law Abiding Citizen, WTF?

    11 years ago

    Law Abiding Citizen (2009) Have you been watching Law Abiding Citizen on TNT? I had already seen the movie before – a little after it came out in 2009, but watching it all over again on TNT just made me remember how silly and weird this movie...

  • The Ninth Gate, FTW!

    The Ninth Gate, FTW!

    11 years ago

    The Ninth Gate When is the last time you’ve enjoyed an actual Mystery / Thriller film? I love this genre, and even though this film couldn’t quite escape the shadow of Polanski’s earlier film, Rosemary’s Baby, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes,...

  • The Relic (LOL)

    The Relic (LOL)

    11 years ago

    Just finished watching The Relic (1997) with my friend May, and we could not stop laughing at this Sci-Fi / Horror. There are just some awesome key moments of the film that I just need to mention here and now… 1. “Hypothalamus” is the...

  • What Monsters Taught Me

    What Monsters Taught Me

    11 years ago

    Just watched Monsters (2010), a British Sci-Fi film that takes place after the alien life forms spread through the US-Mexico border. Andrew, an American journalist, must escort his wealthy employer’s daughter, Samantha, to her home in the US from...

  • Adjustment Bureau, WTF?

    Adjustment Bureau, WTF?

    11 years ago

    Adjustment Bureau (2011) Flipping through the channels I happened upon The Adjustment Bureau. A movie I remember hearing about when it first came out in March 2011, but didn’t care about much either way. The movie ended up getting a 2 1/2 stars...

  • Santa, FTW!

    Santa, FTW!

    11 years ago

    It’s decided then? We’re all saying f*ck Santa? Has anyone else noticed the hating-on-Santa trend in commercials? Maybe not, but the biggest offense is probably from Best Buy. No, they’re not saying there’s no Santa, but instead claiming you...

  • WTF, Hipster Party?

    WTF, Hipster Party?

    11 years ago

    DC chilling is the best way to describe my last weekend; rode a bus up with my sister, went out to a party, had a bar brunch, biked and then I was on my way back to NYC. It was fun, but I advise getting @least a full weekend to explore the capital...


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