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  • Information, Inspiration, and Innovation

    Information, Inspiration, and Innovation

    10 days ago

    From propeller plane to jet-engine airline to rocket-power space shuttle, from wired telephone to mobile phone to iPhone, and from Model-T car to electric car to self-driving car, all these developments were not possible without Information, Inspiration, and Innovation.

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    Standards of Life

    8 weeks ago

    We live in a world of subjectivity, relativity, and variability. For us to co-exist peacefully, to work constructively, and to manufacture products reliably, we need to have laws and order, rules and regulations, and understanding and tolerance. Before we can accomplish all that, we need to complete

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    Regret, Remorse, and Repent

    3 months ago

    Our 7000 years of civilization are sustained and based on a set of codes of conduct that help minimize personal conflicts, encourage civil communication, and promote peaceful cooperation. Regret, remorse, and repent are the natural byproducts of those rules and regulations and are exerting a heavy t

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    Mobility, Morality, and Mortality

    5 months ago

    Mobility enables us to interact with diverse groups of people on a myriad of matters and issues. Those encounters inevitably open the door of morality where questionable choices are made, prejudicial judgments are passed, and discriminatory behaviors are revealed. Morality leads to an increase in mo

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    Civility, Humility, and Sensitivity

    6 months ago

    Civility teaches us to respect other people’s privacy, humility means to be humble, and sensitivity is the ability to be aware of the changes around us. They help us to go through life with minimal conflict, confrontation, and chaos.

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    Changes and Chances

    7 months ago

    Nothing remains the same for long. The weather can be sunny, cloudy, windy, or rainy from one day to the next. These changes give us chances to understand why Nature works the ways it does and how to overcome its furies and to embrace its wonders.

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    Human Relationship

    8 months ago

    Human relationship is complex, complicated, and confusing. We lie to hide the true intention, pretend to be something that we are not, and change our physical appearance as demanded by human relationships.

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    Goodness in US

    9 months ago

    We, human beings, are capable of many bad things and evil deeds. Yet, despite destruction, disruption, and decadence, our 7 thousand years of civilization is still thriving with a population reaching 7 billion people for the first time. Our good fortune can be attributed to the goodness in us.

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    American TV Shows that Changed the World

    10 months ago

    Due to the public's tastes for fresh ideas, new faces, and unique stories, a vast and diversified variety of TV shows were and are being created to attract the public's attention. As a result, there were TV shows that had not only gained wide and loyal audiences but also made the world a better plac

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    11 months ago

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    Music, Mathematics, and Machine

    12 months ago

    Music brightens and enriches our life, Mathematics helps us understand and harness the power of Nature, and Machine frees us to pursue the meaning and purpose of life. They are created by men to make life more enjoyable, meaningful, and purposeful.

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    Life Science

    12 months ago

    Life Science is about using scientific methods to study life on Earth in general to understand human life and how to make it better. A person can immerse one's lifetime to study, understand, and advance the content of just one field of Life Science.

  • Silence Is Golden

    Silence Is Golden

    12 months ago

    To be able to express ourselves in conversation is essential to have a healthy family life, a meaningful social life, and a smooth working life. But, when to remain silent and when to let actions do its talking requires wisdom, patient, and hard work.

  • Hospital, Health, and Happiness

    Hospital, Health, and Happiness

    15 months ago

    When our health is compromised, it is hard to be happy. Hospital cannot fix all our body’s problems, but, at a minimum, the remedy will cover up or eliminate the symptoms and restore the quality of life.

  • Talent


    18 months ago

    You need to have special talent to play in the professional sport where the players are rewarded with fame and fortune. Each person’s body is built differently to enable each person to see and do things differently. Depending on where the person is born and the environment one is in, the person’s ta

  • It Is Written

    It Is Written

    19 months ago

    It is written that no living things lives forever and their common destiny is death. It is written that when a person takes the life of another out of greed, hate, or jealousy, the person can be punished with incarceration or death. It is written that the physical world can only function based on a

  • Automation and Repetition

    Automation and Repetition

    21 months ago

    Life is not possible without automation and repetition that starts at a microscopic level. In the man-made world, repetition and automation allow the human population to explode, dominate, and spread to every land mass on Earth unaffected by the changing environmental conditions.

  • Nature‚Äôs Ecosystem

    Nature’s Ecosystem

    23 months ago

    No doubt, we have caused irreparable damage to Nature’s ecosystem but we have also created a man-made ecosystem to ensure our survival.

  • Chance


    2 years ago

    We have only one chance to live our life but many chances to make and learn from our mistakes. We have only one chance to be a teenager but many chances to reminisce those adventurous, awkward, and rebellious moments whence we are transiting from a child to adult.

  • Desire, Wish, and Hope

    Desire, Wish, and Hope

    2 years ago

    Desire is the motivation behind human achievements and destructiveness. We wish when we realize that we do not have the chance to fulfill our desire. Hope is our offense against the unknown.

  • Hero, Villain, and Average Joe

    Hero, Villain, and Average Joe

    2 years ago

    A person who risks one’s life to save people from a burning car or building is considered as hero. A person who spends one’s life in crime and deception causing other people’s life miserable is considered as a villain. Most of the people are law abiding, non-risk taking, and looking for a peaceful

  • Appearance, Personality, and Character

    Appearance, Personality, and Character

    20 months ago

    We spend a lot of time and energy to make our appearance to have a favorable first impression to the others. Then, we will use our personality to start a relationship with the people we like. But, it is our character that will limit what kind of friends we have, affect how we get along with people a

  • What Does It Mean

    What Does It Mean

    8 months ago

    We invented the words and languages to communicate the meaning of our intention and actions, we are the only living thing in Nature evolved with the capability to ponder the answer to What Does It Mean.

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    Close Encounter of the ID Theft Kind

    19 months ago

    It all started when I received in the mail a bank letter stating that my application for an increase in credit card charge limits was rejected due to a bad credit score. But I never made that application.

  • Competition Why

    Competition Why

    2 years ago

    Through competition, we can find a better person for the job, we can improve our mental sharpness, physical strength, and skill levels in the sport, and Oor knowledge on how Nature works will grow in leaps and bounds.

  • Insignificant


    2 years ago

    How significant is the function of an ant to the health of the colony? How significant is the role of a wildebeest in keeping the animal’s migration going in the African Savanna? The answer to all those questions is insignificant.

  • Unknown, Uncertain, Unfair

    Unknown, Uncertain, Unfair

    2 years ago

    In the journey of life, we have to face many unknowns, to expect many uncertain, and to accept many unfair. The journey of life is an obstacle course. Everyone will be challenged one way or the other.

  • Of Bacteria, Insects, and Men

    Of Bacteria, Insects, and Men

    19 months ago

    There are only 7 billion people on Earth, a tiny fraction comparing with the bacteria and insects. Yet, men are able to live on every corner of the Earth under extreme environmental conditions.

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    My Kidney Stone

    5 years ago

    My brush with the kidney stone began innocently and painfully in September 2013. At the time, I did not know that the pain was caused by my kidney stone. It all started on a Monday morning after my regular light chore of cleaning the front yard. As I was sitting down in front of my PC, I felt a...

  • Body Human

    Body Human

    2 years ago

    The human body is the most powerful and complex living organism on Earth. So much so that it urges its host to wonder how it works, to explore how it is put together, and to seek its origin.

  • 1

    American Professional Sports

    4 weeks ago

    Professional sports are an important part of the American entertainment industry. Their impacts on culture and commerce are enormous. There are many professional sports in America. The 3 most popular ones are Baseball, Basketball, and Football.

  • 2

    Buddhism in China

    2 years ago

    It was written somewhere long ago that God sent 3 of his sons – Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed – to 3 different regions of the world to guide human’s spirituality. Buddhism established its root in China around 120 AD. It attracted a lot of devotees seeking salvation from life’s pains and sufferings....

  • Incredible Edible Tofu

    Incredible Edible Tofu

    5 months ago

    Due to its nutritious value, jell-o like soft texture, and tasteless flavor, with proper seasonings and/or mixing with other ingredients, a wide variety of tasty dishes can be made. In today’s health conscious public, Tofu is being accepted by people around the world.

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    Wonder Drugs of Our Time

    6 weeks ago

    Today, we are more susceptible to allergy, heart disease, obesity, respiratory infection, and bodily injury. But, don't worry and relief is on the way in the form of wonder drugs that can temporarily eliminate the discomfort, mask the pain, and numb the nerve to enable us to live a normal life.

  • 0

    My Seborrheic Keratosis

    15 months ago

    The is the story of my seborrheic keratosis.

  • 2

    The Confucius for Dummies

    6 years ago

    Confucius is one of the four greatest thinker, philosopher, and educator ever lived (the other three are Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad). To understand the teachings of Confucius is to understand the essence of the Chinese culture.


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