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  • Hero, Villain, and Average Joe

    Hero, Villain, and Average Joe

    7 weeks ago

    A person who risks one’s life to save people from a burning car or building is considered as hero. A person who spends one’s life in crime and deception causing other people’s life miserable is considered as a villain. Most of the people are law abiding, non-risk taking, and looking for a...

  • Appearance, Personality, and Character

    Appearance, Personality, and Character

    2 months ago

    We spend a lot of time and energy to make our appearance to have a favorable first impression to the others. Then, we will use our personality to start a relationship with the people we like. But, it is our character that will limit what kind of friends we have, affect how we get along with people a

  • What Does It Mean

    What Does It Mean

    3 months ago

    We invented the words and languages to communicate the meaning of our intention and actions, we are the only living thing in Nature evolved with the capability to ponder the answer to What Does It Mean.

  • Close Encounter of the ID Theft Kind

    Close Encounter of the ID Theft Kind

    5 months ago

    It all started when I received in the mail a bank letter stating that my application for an increase in credit card charge limits was rejected due to bad credit score that did not make that request.

  • Competition Why

    Competition Why

    9 months ago

    Through competition, we can find a better person for the job, we can improve our mental sharpness, physical strength, and skill levels in the sport, and Oor knowledge on how Nature works will grow in leaps and bounds.

  • Insignificant


    2 months ago

    How significant is the function of an ant to the health of the colony? How significant is the role of a wildebeest in keeping the animal’s migration going in the African Savanna? The answer to all those questions is insignificant.

  • Unknown, Uncertain, Unfair

    Unknown, Uncertain, Unfair

    6 weeks ago

    In the journey of life, we have to face many unknowns, to expect many uncertain, and to accept many unfair. The journey of life is an obstacle course. Everyone will be challenged one way or the other.

  • Fact and Truth

    Fact and Truth

    14 months ago

    The truth of a subject matter is whatever that was, is, and will be. The fact of a subject matter depends on the person’s perception. As a result there is only one truth of the subject matter but many facts.

  • Understanding


    16 months ago

    We know a lot of things and not everything we know we understand. We can see a lot of things and not everything we see we understand. We have a lot of friends and only a rare few who understand us and vice versa. We do not need to understand all that are going on around us to live a happy life. But,

  • Science and Technology

    Science and Technology

    17 months ago

    Science is a field of knowledge that is created as a result of objective observation, logical thinking, induction and deduction based on reason, verifiable evidences and facts. Technology applies this knowledge to build a better man-made world for us to live in.

  • Nature and Nurture

    Nature and Nurture

    19 months ago

    Each person is born (Nature) with unique mental and physical capabilities that cannot be altered during one’s life time and how their potentials are utilized depends on outside stimulus (Nurture).

  • Sharing


    19 months ago

    From the dawn of humanity, we instinctively knew that by staying together and sharing our resources, we would have a better chance to survive the hostile environment where life flourished and distingu

  • My Root Canal Retreatment

    My Root Canal Retreatment

    23 months ago

    The root canal retreatment occurs when the pervious root canal procedure failed to clear out all the pulps causing the bacteria infection to spread to the root of the tooth. Since the infection can sp

  • Instincts


    2 years ago

    Life is beautiful, life is cruel, life is unfair, life is forgiving, life is incomprehensive-able, life is boring, etc. But, before life can be all these things, life has to make sure that its players

  • Human Memory

    Human Memory

    2 years ago

    Memory is essential in learning: 1) Who we are and the role we play in life, 2) The laws of the land to understand what kind of behaviors are not tolerated, 3) The rules and regulations in doing thing

  • Growing Up Pains

    Growing Up Pains

    2 years ago

    Other living things have no way to change how they live but to follow their simple existence to its predictable and certain ends. The human species can change how they live and an average person can e

  • Innocence


    21 months ago

    We all remember a time when we look at things with wide open eyes, open mind, and curiosity. We accept things without prejudice, judgment, and reservation. We choose friend based on who they are shari

  • My Kidney Stone

    My Kidney Stone

    3 years ago

    My brush with the kidney stone began innocently and painfully in September 2013. At the time, I did not know that the pain was caused by my kidney stone. It all started on a Monday morning after my regular light chore of cleaning the front yard. As I was sitting down in front of my PC, I felt a...

  • Body Human

    Body Human

    3 weeks ago

    The human body is the most powerful and complex living organism on Earth. So much so that it urges its host to wonder how it works, to explore how it is put together, and to seek its origin.

  • California Wildfire

    California Wildfire

    21 months ago

    Wildfire in the forest and grasslands is the Nature’s way of house cleaning and new life regeneration. It occurs normally when overgrowth causes overcrowding and decay that result in unhealthy living conditions. As people escape the noise and crime of the metropolitan to live in the countryside,...

  • Buddhism in China

    Buddhism in China

    9 months ago

    It was written somewhere long ago that God sent 3 of his sons – Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed – to 3 different regions of the world to guide human’s spirituality. Buddhism established its root in China around 120 AD. It attracted a lot of devotees seeking salvation from life’s pains and...

  • Incredible Edible Tofu

    Incredible Edible Tofu

    2 months ago

    Due to its nutritious value, jell-o like soft texture, and tasteless flavor, with proper seasonings and/or mixing with other ingredients, a wide variety of tasty dishes can be made. In today’s health conscious public, Tofu is being accepted by people around the world.

  • Game of Life

    Game of Life

    24 months ago

    Life is also a game because it has similar characteristics like the game we play. There are rules and instructions to follow, scores to keep, two or more people can play, and drama.

  • Enduring Movie Monsters of Our Time

    Enduring Movie Monsters of Our Time

    2 years ago

    Movies entertain us with stories of heart-breaking romance, nerve-wracking adventure, common people facing and struggling to solve uncommon problems, and sometimes, scary and deadly monsters. Scores of monster movie were made with the single purpose to scare the hell out of us. The following...

  • Movies That Made A difference #2

    Movies That Made A difference #2

    2 years ago

    Major movie studios built and owned most of the theaters to showcase their products until an antitrust ruling in 1948. Today, most theaters are owned by big franchises. There are few independently owned movie houses. The movies that made a difference are Zatoichi (1962), 2001: A Space Odyssey...

  • Movies That Made A difference #1

    Movies That Made A difference #1

    2 years ago

    There were movies that shocked, scared, informed, mesmerized, enlightened, and delighted people. I am here to write about the movies that made a difference. For example, they are Ghost in the Shell (1995), The Infernal Affairs (2002), Star Wars (1977), Yojimpo (1961), and The Exorcist (1973).

  • Invention, Patent, and USPTO

    Invention, Patent, and USPTO

    3 years ago

    If your invention is straight forward, you may consider applying for the patent all by yourself. Fortunately, USPTO has setup a comprehensive website with step by step information to allow ordinary citizen to participate in the process.

  • The Chinese Medicine for Dummies

    The Chinese Medicine for Dummies

    7 years ago

    Chinese medicine dated back to its early civilization more than 4500 years ago. It was based on the empirical knowledge collected and refined by the people who treated illness and sickness at the time. What made Chinese medicine unique, long lasting, and useful even to the present day was the...

  • My Seborrheic Keratosis

    My Seborrheic Keratosis

    2 years ago

    The is the story of my seborrheic keratosis.

  • The Confucius for Dummies

    The Confucius for Dummies

    4 years ago

    Confucius is one of the four greatest thinker, philosopher, and educator ever lived (the other three are Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad). To understand the teachings of Confucius is to understand the essence of the Chinese culture.


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