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Who is Jesus? Who was Jesus really?

For me there is no doubt, no question and no qualms--Jesus is Christ--the man who walked the earth like all men, and yet who was a divinity--the Son of God.

A paradox you say?

Yes indeed it is by the limits of our human, logic-bound minds a paradox. For Jesus to be fully God and fully man--that is a beautiful paradox and one that I could explore for the rest of my life and never quite understand.

Jesus is our saviour. By faith not reason.

The Bible tells us many glorious truths, one of which is all about the second coming of Jesus. Someday He will come again and when that day dawns our faith will be our most precious gem.

These and other questions like them, about our Lord, about Jesus, about the precious blood, about the question Who was Jesus really....this is what you will find in Hubs.

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