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  • The Road Not Taken - A Literary Analysis

    The Road Not Taken - A Literary Analysis

    6 years ago

    One of Robert Frost most famous poems, "The Road Not Taken", is also one of the most misquoted and misinterpreted poems. This literary analysis is meant to help understand the poem a bit better.

  • A Life in Various Christmas Traditions

    A Life in Various Christmas Traditions

    9 years ago

    During my lifetime, I have experienced many types of traditions and routines for Christmas. This article is about those traditions and routines.

  • The Blueprint - A 4-Poem Series

    The Blueprint - A 4-Poem Series

    9 years ago

    Here are four poems that I wrote shortly after my father passed away. Like most other amateur poets, I used poetry to expel my thoughts and feelings during the grieving process.

  • Borrowing from Elizabeth Bishop

    Borrowing from Elizabeth Bishop

    10 years ago

    A sestina is a poem with 39 lines, which consists of six 6-lines stanzas and a tercet as an envoy. This sestina uses the same six repeated words as Elizabeth Bishop's "Sestina". It is an original.

  • An Old Sea Dog's Sestina

    An Old Sea Dog's Sestina

    10 years ago

    One type of form poetry is the sestina. In this article, the reader will find out how to write a sestina and an example, which is a first attempt at this wonderfully artful type of poetry.

  • Get Out of the Way - a poem

    Get Out of the Way - a poem

    10 years ago

    This new poem is about how family or friends will try to get in the way of another's dream or goal, whether it be love or career. That attempt to control and hold on can damage or break the bond.

  • How to Survive a Festival-Concert

    How to Survive a Festival-Concert

    10 years ago

    Festival concerts can be a great way to see many of your favorite bands on one stage. However, most of these events are held during the hot summer months. Here are tips to help survive such a show.

  • Fear Not the Storm

    Fear Not the Storm

    10 years ago

    This a poem that uses the metaphor of a storm coming across a lake. The three parts represent three emotions. In the end, the storm of emotions is not a storm to fear.

  • Lucasfilm Bought by Disney - A Fan's Reaction

    Lucasfilm Bought by Disney - A Fan's Reaction

    10 years ago

    George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm LTD to The Walt Disney Company. Lucas receives cash and Disney stock, and Disney gets all rights to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ILM and Skywalker Sound. This article is the reaction opinions of a lifelong fan.

  • Cold Steel Day - A Poem

    Cold Steel Day - A Poem

    10 years ago

    This a poem that I composed "from the hip". It can be seen how the day's weather can influence a mood. Or how a mood creates the perception of how the day's weather is viewed.

  • Is It Complicated?

    Is It Complicated?

    10 years ago

    Many people call their lives, or certain situations in their lives, complicated. However, life is what we make it. We can choose to be complicated. Or we can choose to be happy without complications.

  • Into the Fire - A Poem

    Into the Fire - A Poem

    9 years ago

    Quite simply, this is just a short but dramatic poem dedicated to the heroes of 9/11. They ignored the dangers and ran in to save lives. We should never forget their sacrifices.

  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

    6 years ago

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is a classic epic poem. This hub is a literary analysis of the poem.

  • Can't? Or Won't?

    Can't? Or Won't?

    10 years ago

    Positive results are more about a strong mindset of confidence and determination than abilities. Instead of believing "I can't", one should start chanting "I will". Therein lies success.

  • Grieving a Monster

    Grieving a Monster

    10 years ago

    People that abuse children are real-life monsters. It is scarier and more painful when it is a family member. But what happens when the monster dies? Should the victim grieve? Or sigh with relief?

  • How to Get Whatever You Want - A Satirical View

    How to Get Whatever You Want - A Satirical View

    10 years ago

    How do you get others to do whatever you want? Do you inspire? Do you influence? Or do you act like a spoiled child? This a satirical view of how some do it immaturely.

  • The Rise of Mediocrity

    The Rise of Mediocrity

    10 years ago

    Everyday, more and more people lower the standards for themselves and others by accepting mediocre work and efforts. Now is the time to start raising the bar back up again. It is the only way for America to return to greatness.

  • Common Decency and Respect

    Common Decency and Respect

    11 years ago

    In today's times, respect and common decency seem to be lost courtesies. This op-ed piece looks at the differences between respect and common decency. There are also suggestions on how to find and earn them.

  • 16

    The Lack of Effective Communication Skills in Today's Society

    9 years ago

    It seems that the communication skills of today's society are becoming worse. Moreover, it also appears that no one cares. It is time to raise the bar and make communication skills important again.

  • Military Discipline in the Civilian Workplace

    Military Discipline in the Civilian Workplace

    10 years ago

    The military and the private sector differ in many ways, but the most prevalent is the levels of discipline within the personnel. Shouldn't civilians be just as disciplined in accomplishing their own missions?

  • Who am I? And Why am I Here?

    Who am I? And Why am I Here?

    10 years ago

    My name is Chuck Dawson, and this is my introduction to HubPages. This writing a brief autobiographical sketch in order for my readers to get to know me. It also entails a recent move and why I started writing and posting for and on HubPages.


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