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hupages to me is a great place to share and express your views :)

you are awesome, great, amazing, outstanding!! never do feel bad about yourself coz you are the best no one else in this world can be you. No one can take your place anytime. Beacause you are the best! you are born in this world because because you deserve to be here.

Hub out your feelings, emotions, moments. it feels really good. HAPPY HUBING!!!!

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  • I Give Up

    I Give Up

    12 months ago

    many of us feel like giving up on life many times so here's how one feels when s/he is going through the hell of life and has decided to give up and lives like a dead one.



    12 months ago

    we had a project work on great sculptures around the world where we had to write about them (facts) and present our opinions too then suddenly i wanted to write a poem on statue and this is it.

  • Long Journey!!

    Long Journey!!

    12 months ago

    here, i have try to relate this life with the journey. And home= destiny !!

  • Dying Faith

    Dying Faith

    12 months ago

    though sometimes one does the best gets betrayed. though one was faithful it doesn't work!

  • Upon Others Desire

    Upon Others Desire

    3 years ago

    i have wrote this poem being a trafficked girl in the remembrance of anti trafficking day.

  • Unfriendly Day

    Unfriendly Day

    3 years ago

    its many times when we have unfriendly days like this but certainly it isn't our fault its basically the fault of the day!!

  • Virtuality Of Life

    Virtuality Of Life

    12 months ago

    WHAT LIFE IS?? life has different definition and this is a poem describing what life is like.. I view life like this... hope u like it

  • Good Bye Dear

    Good Bye Dear

    12 months ago

    This is a simple poem on when a beautiful thing enters our life and it goes away suddenly when we had expected it to be with us forever and it goes with null reason and we blame us..!!