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  • The Worst Thing That Happened to Man

    The Worst Thing That Happened to Man

    5 weeks ago

    If you do not believe the Bible do not waste your time to read this article.It will seem like gibberish to you.There are really two supernatural spirit wrestling for the mind of man

  • Ackee


    5 weeks ago

    Ackee s believed to be one of the most poisonou fruit but this does not daunt Jamaicans they prepare it in the most delicious dishes finger licking good.

  • The Principle of Jesus

    The Principle of Jesus

    5 weeks ago

    The ten Principles Of Jesus. In 1995 I sat at my desk at school and decided that I should leave something more than physical wealth to my family and friends so I hand written this article and put it with my will. I was going through my papers and...

  • My Struggles With Arthritis

    My Struggles With Arthritis

    5 weeks ago

    The year I reached forty I had my second encounter with athirst my first was in my twenty third year when I had in badly in my wrist. At the time someone told me about apple cider vinegar. I could not get it so I decided to used normal white vinegar...

  • General Etiquette

    General Etiquette

    5 weeks ago

    It is so embarrassing to see a well dressed individual driving a BMW or Audi go into the most posh restaurant and when served do not know which of the table appointment to start with.This will help

  • God's Punishment to Man

    God's Punishment to Man

    5 weeks ago

    For who can escape this great judgment only he who has clean hands and a pure heart. How is your heart with God and your fellowmen?

  • Cornmeal a Wonder Product

    Cornmeal a Wonder Product

    3 weeks ago

    Cornmeal is one product that is not prohibited by gluten free dieters.So think of making a Jamaican corn meal pudding

  • What Is the Free Mason and the Freemason Masonic

    What Is the Free Mason and the Freemason Masonic

    3 weeks ago

    Do you want to become a Free Mason. It is said all that glistens is not gold. It is good to investigate your self who you are and what you want to be. To be a mason you will have become a new you.

  • Example of the Lord

    Example of the Lord"s Prayer

    3 weeks ago

    Prayer is the way we connect to the supreme creator.The lords prayer gives us impossible to connect to the creator

  • The Gift to Heal

    The Gift to Heal

    3 weeks ago

    Since 1987 my fascination with alternate medicine began. My journey began with my extraordinary experience described by one psychiatrist as a spiritual experience,

  • Meaning of Native American  animal medicine cards 04

    Meaning of Native American animal medicine cards 04

    4 years ago

    Do ever want to know what is your journey in life ? you may want to look at animal cards

  • Medicine Card Spreads

    Medicine Card Spreads

    5 weeks ago

    Medicine Cards spreads is used depending on the medicine one is seeking or the problem one is trying to heal. The cards that come with medicine card spread each has a number and an animal on its inside face .If its...

  • Native American Totem Animal Medicine Cards

    Native American Totem Animal Medicine Cards

    3 weeks ago

      Totem Animal cards In the most recent hub before this you were introduced to animal medicine, an ancient Native American belief that states that man and animals have an affinity called animal spiritual helpers or medicine which could help man...

  • Some Facts on Animal Medicine

    Some Facts on Animal Medicine

    3 weeks ago

    There are so many things in life that one can learn.How we look at them depend on our belief structure. Animal cards is one of them.

  • The Human Body

    The Human Body

    5 weeks ago

    The Human Body The human body maybe compared to be an intricate piece of machinery superbly designed with a combination of numerous specialized parts linked to a top of the line portable computer housed securely in a small case called the skull....

  • Keeping The Spirit High

    Keeping The Spirit High

    2 weeks ago

    There is this feeling of desperation stealthy taking over the world as the price of oil is being played like a yo-yo, but the prices of commodities especially in third world countries keeps spiraling.


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