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I'm Kalyan chakravarthy, dipolma student. I would like to do researches in various fields of sciences like space science, physics, chemistry...etc And I want to become a great scientist to make a history in my carrer over the world.

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  • Hydraulic Turbines

    Hydraulic Turbines

    2 years ago

    Hydraulic Turbines is a turbines which used to convert the hydraulic energy to mechanical energy by using the flow of water at reservoirs, dam,..etc. These turbines are mostly used at Hydro-power plant

  • Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

    Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

    2 years ago

    Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle is a rocket of ISRO. These are used to launching the satellites into space (outer atmosphere of earth.). This the latest technology in India from ISRO.

  • DC Machines

    DC Machines

    2 years ago

    DC machines are the devices which converts one form of energy into another form of energy by generating(generator) or Utilizing(motor) of DC current. Most of DC machine are used for constant speed.

  • Conversion of AC Supply to DC Supply

    Conversion of AC Supply to DC Supply

    2 years ago

    AC to DC conversion is the process of converting the alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) for designing of our requirement in the electronic devices or circuits like Amplifiers, Oscillators...

  • Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems

    Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems

    2 years ago

    Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems are used for transmitting the power from generating station to domestic areas, commercial areas and industrial areas by this process

  • Orion Spacecraft

    Orion Spacecraft

    2 years ago

    Orion is the spacecraft which can be comfortable to travel into space by human beings. It is developing by NASA since 2004. At last recently completed the First Flight test on December 5, 2014.

  • Robots(Automated Machine)

    Robots(Automated Machine)

    2 years ago

    A robot is defined as the automated mechanical device which is programmed by the human and it often as the resembling of human or an animal. These going to explain about the robots types and working.

  • Thunderstorms


    2 years ago

    Thunderstorm is the one of storm typically. These hub going to explain the "how thunderstorms are forms?" and also explain about the types of thunderstorm in nature of earth

  • Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace Engineering

    2 years ago

    Aerospace engineering is the one of the primary branch of engineering field which can us study about the outer space of earth atmosphere.In this article,we explain about course available in aerospace

  • Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan)

    Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan)

    2 years ago

    Mangalyaan is a Mars Orbiter Mission which is launched by ISRO in India. It is a one of the satellite which gives useful information about the atmosphere, geology, and other etc., of the mars planet.

  • Fission-Fusion Reactor

    Fission-Fusion Reactor

    3 years ago

    Fission-Fusion reactor is a reactor which is done of nuclear fusion and nuclear fission reactions. This research paper explains about the fission-fusion reactor, “What is fission-fusion reactor?” and explains about...