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Katie Slaven (KatieSlaven)

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    Old Wives Tales

    17 months ago

    The warnings, the good luck omens, the curses and the blessings. The Tales I was told growing up on the Plateau

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    My First Time at Gulf Shores

    17 months ago

    My first experience ever seeing a beach was gulf shores Alabama with my boyfriend and his family. Breathtaking views and experience

  • Homemade Pizza Casserole

    Homemade Pizza Casserole

    17 months ago

    This casserole is so easy to make and everyone that I have met so far loves it. My Sunday School kids beg me to make this as our dish on special Sunday's. Definitely something worth trying!

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    Strawberry Jelly and Freezer Jam

    17 months ago

    Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the air feeled with wonderful spring scents. This could mean only thing in my family, It is nearly strawberry season. Strawberrys have been one of the world favorite fruits for centuries. There are even wives...

  • Homemade Pumpkin Rolls

    Homemade Pumpkin Rolls

    17 months ago

    This "more seasonal" roll is something that is easy to make and is delicious to boot! Read on how to prepare this wonderful dessert.

  • Bottle Feeding Calves

    Bottle Feeding Calves

    17 months ago

    Bottle feeding calves can be a scary endeavor for a beginner. Learn a few tips before you find yourself lost :)

  • Corn Meal Pie

    Corn Meal Pie

    17 months ago

    Learn how to make a delicious cornmeal pie!

  • Fruit Dumplings

    Fruit Dumplings

    17 months ago

    Being raised in the south I was raised on different types of dumplings and loved every minute of it! My favorite is blackberry or blueberry dumplings. I remember when I was little- begging my grandmother to make them. They are sweet, yet tart, and...

  • Nutty Bar Cheesecake

    Nutty Bar Cheesecake

    17 months ago

    This cheesecake is sure to be a huge hit as most get togethers. Combining the taste of cheesecake and nutty bars, this dessert is sure to provide a sugar rush and a wonderful experience all in one!

  • Purchasing Your First Goat

    Purchasing Your First Goat

    17 months ago

    Tips to purchasing your first goat and avoiding problems in your near future. With hope this article will be able to give a few good points to new goat owners.

  • How to Tattoo A Goat

    How to Tattoo A Goat

    17 months ago

    Tattooing a goat can a useful tool in many cases. Want to learn how to tattoo? Read on.

  • Mini Gardens in the City

    Mini Gardens in the City

    17 months ago

    Want to learn how to grow some vegetables with limited space? Or get creative ideas based on other plants that you can? Read on.

  • The Jesus Rock Ministry

    The Jesus Rock Ministry

    17 months ago

    The Jesus rock ministry is located in Jamestown, TN. Want to learn more? Please Read on ...

  • About LaMancha Dairy Goats

    About LaMancha Dairy Goats

    17 months ago

    LaManchas a breed of dairy goat that originated in the United States. They are a distinctive breed being noted for having their "unique and unusual" ears

  • Catnip A Natural Remedy

    Catnip A Natural Remedy

    17 months ago

    Catnip is a natural herb that often grows wide. It can be used for a number of medicinal purposes.

  • Shoo Fly Shoo- Mint the Natural fly repellent

    Shoo Fly Shoo- Mint the Natural fly repellent

    17 months ago

    Mint is a natural herb that is hardy and easy to grow. There are many medicinal and food purposes of mint and it does well where other forms of herbs may not be able to grow.

  • My Homesteading

    My Homesteading

    17 months ago

    A f


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