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All the praises are for Allah Almighty Who created me,created me to write something,my words are not mine as I'm not mine.

Everyone and everything in this world is owned by that Almighty who is one and only and no one can deny it.

I'm here today because he wanted me here and when I'won't be here,he'll decide for it.

I've Masters degree in English Literature and I really love to write,I write what I feel and I attain pleasure by my writing and I really consider my writing a great fun and a skill that Allah Almighty granted me and I'm grateful to him that he granted me this precious natural gift and I try my best to use this gift accordingly.Iqbal is my favorite poet and Aleemul Haq Haqi is my best author though I read both of them very less but whatever I read by them that really is heart touching and the impressive one.I can write on current affairs,I can write articles,plays and fiction both in Urdu and English. I'm also a English Language & Literature Teacher + love to teach to provide the youngsters some valuable knowledge about English Language & Literature.
I've some interest in spotrs and cricket is my favorite sport.

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