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Max Havlick profile image

Max Havlick

Joined 6 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois




An intense, energetic senior, I still pursue serious goals with restless curiosity to see the world honestly, to learn, teach, create value, and receive thoughtful response. For many years, I have nurtured the dream of a "Max Havlick School" to harness these personal pursuits to benefit others, to tap into my lifetime for materials useful to any adult I could find able and willing to learn from me.

Delay to this dream came from many different sources. In 1986 in Tulsa I found and married Fay, the woman I had long sought. In Chicago, my final try for a Ph.D. took 5 years. A professor friend asked me to edit his scholarship into books, a college teacher from Albania needed educational counseling for her two bright sons, and a lawyer required consulting and intervention to revive his law firm and save his life. I also finished and self-published historical research, and more recently, tried to write serious poetry, much of it published on HubPages.

Now the Max Havlick School seems nearer to full reality than ever before, a gift, as it were, from the new possibilities on the internet and my own surprising longevity. This fall 2012, I renew my quest to inspire new learning communities worldwide via HubPages. Free lessons every Monday will introduce my basic "philosophy of personal creation and world citizenship," which finds the world continuing to be created everyday in the actions and inactions of "each person's life considered as a work of art." Under the truism "people are different," I urge a spiritual and intellectual love for all humanity that cares about every other individual, and every other culture, and seeks to understand how, why, and to what effect and purpose they differ. I invite any serious individual to study these ideas with us on HubPages.

Education at Tulsa Central High School, Baylor Univ. (B.A. and M.A.), theological seminary, Harvard Univ., Ph.D. programs at Univ. Southern California, and Univ. of Illinois at Chicago.

Work experience at General Electric (Louisville); Remington Rand Univac (New York, Milwaukee); Executive Computer Utilization (Milwaukee); Alexander Hamilton Institute (L.A.); CBS TV (Hollywood); Stevens College (Mass.); Harvard University; Overnight Typing Service (Harvard Sq.); United Nations Secretariat; Johnson Personnel (Tulsa), Chicago Theological Seminary, Columbia College, and many independent projects as editor, consultant, project manager, teacher, etc.

Current. In August 1999, I started New World Community Enterprises to provide consulting, editing, and other problem-solving services to scholars, small firms, and new start-ups. We currently shelter two projects: Matthew Studies Institute (DuPage County, Jan. 1998), and The Max Havlick School (Tulsa, April 1985; DuPage County, Jan. 2005). Other projects include our Tuesday Writers Workshops and the Realistic Employment Workshops in which anyone worldwide may participate without charge by simply reading the relevant hubs.

If any of this makes sense to you, I invite you now to come along with me one step further: just click into "Each Person's Life as a Work of Art," or any one of my HubPages that you find most interesting, and then you can use the response section at the bottom of the page to share what you think.

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