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Michael Achilles

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  • Worry and Wait No More

    Worry and Wait No More

    2 years ago

    Born knowing only life In life our delicate flower Only knowing Running Looking For something that has already found us "Naked we come bruised we go Nude pastry for the worms below" Swift lions of doubt Ensconce hesitation and blind ambition fear to...

  • Chance-Chase


    2 years ago

    Summer Love.

  • Unknown Whisper

    Unknown Whisper

    2 years ago

     The moon slips through The misty clouds Midnight Witness to the wild breeze Ancient trees stand firm Something unseen moves swifter than shadow The wolf is on the hunt amongst the evergreens wild scenes "Fear the lords that are secret among us."...

  • Broken Windows!

    Broken Windows!

    2 years ago

    Oh, to be the bibulous cloth creep and soft marry the heart to pale gray hardened concrete Steeples of purple hued promises pierce the sky lonely tears fall from mine eye as the delicate silken moth enters the flame thoughtless of magic and fancied...

  • The Gentle Pass of Colorado

    The Gentle Pass of Colorado

    2 years ago

    Her warm delicate breeze sends whispered kisses through the majestic trees of vivid red, gold, and green leaves, Inspiring the souls peaceful dream, Bountiful, Sacred, and Clean. Cascading crystal streams, flow from the virgin white snow capped...

  • 10

    Unknown Lover

    2 years ago

    Lay me down gently in your warm rain, Let seductive madness rend my brain, In your vibrant field, say so that I may yield, with these uneven words. This evening I feel as a naughty night-bird sailing through warm passionate winds, ...

  • Baroness


    2 years ago

    Baroness of Hearts brave witness to the cold, embittered, lonely dark. You are dear to me so in this my gratitude will be I may stand alone before legions majestic throne, in a gentle land, bordered with lavish green trees and pearl white sands, but...

  • Best Friend-Lost Soul

    Best Friend-Lost Soul

    2 years ago

    Mired in a thicket of thieves, a friend just wanting to be, a friend. Now not even the softest sullen breeze, to calm the cold discomfort rife red loneliness breeds. A heavy hearted lament, fulfilled, Sealed in this disenchanted encampment. Blissful...

  • Sarcophagus


    2 years ago

    My mind is consumed with mortality Not even the noblest thought Can unravel the vanity or cloak the sacred vault, Cataclysms of catacombs leave my mind and be gone Master composer of death's composition, Let me hide behind my frail veil and stand...

  • 5


    2 years ago

    RSD/ CRPS/ Pain and the emotional component or internal dialouge on feels in the grip of this disease.

  • 3

    Ode to an American Poet, James Douglas Morrison!

    2 years ago

    My mind screams Cathedral thoughts and coliseum dreams tempered by white fire of the most extreme, wicked hues of golden purple streams, wash over the barren and cold, erected mausoleums, eternally dislocating their patrons freedom Ancient Kings'...


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