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Hi everyone,

If you are new to hubpages, i would like you to know it is a fun, exciting and knowledgable place to be. Join www.hubpages.com for free and earn money while your here.

I live in the great big beautiful northwest up here in washington state where it is very green and very scenic. You could see all four season's here in one day depending on the time of year it is. there is a lot of wonderful things to do here and i enjoy this part of the world.

I have three wonderful, successful, grown kid's and eight of the world's most amazing grandbaby's, they are simply the best. i love my family with everything i have. i am currently only 48 years old with no gray hair yet, ok well maybe a couple that are kept under control.

I am a very positive person, young at heart and very hopeful. I enjoy learning, I enjoy creating, I enjoy family, I like everything life has to offer such as sewing, crafting, eating, cooking, the holiday's, camping, singing in the car, animals, outdoors, making fun things, walking, swimming ,taking trips and having time for myself.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Some days I can write all day long and the words just poor out and other days I just go blank. I love to write and I truly love to learn new things. I love to learn how to do things and explore so this is a great place for me. I can remember I used to write my grandma all the time as her and my grandpa would travel a lot. I also kept alot of journals and wrote about everything. I love to write really long love letters. English was my favorite subject in school, also where I got my best grades.

I have dreams and hopes just like everyone else and try to live life to the fullest as maybe tomorow will not arrive, tell the family you love them every day, they like this. I hope everything is enjoyed here!

you will find me at sheliajcbsn@gmail.com

you can also find me on facebook at http://facebook.com/sheliajcbsn

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