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I'm a teacher, article writer and novelist. I take life easy!

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  • Effects Of Negative Compensation

    Effects Of Negative Compensation

    18 months ago

    As we go through our life experiences, we are bound to meet the good, bad and ugly. There are several people we will show kindness and mercy but few will do us much evil for the good we do for them.

  • Understanding Your Purpose And Potential

    Understanding Your Purpose And Potential

    18 months ago

    Your potential is the skills, abilities and talents needed for the fulfillment of purpose. The saddest concept in life is an unfulfilled purpose and an untapped potential.

  • Reading Techniques

    Reading Techniques

    18 months ago

    To be any avid reader, all you need is the readiness.You need to equip yourself with the techniques that will enable you to grasp the subject you are learning. Reading to understand is very essential.

  • Shortened Life-span

    Shortened Life-span

    18 months ago

    The disobedience of man shortened his life-span on earth. From Adam to Noah, they lived 900 years. When sin continued, GOD reduced man's lifespan to 80 years.

  • How To Overcome Strange Voices

    How To Overcome Strange Voices

    4 years ago

    Voice is one of the most important characteristic of homo-sapiens.Strange voices are usually evil.They are on a mission to destroy the victim.Therefore the power of voice must not be underestimated .

  • Forgiveness Activities

    Forgiveness Activities

    14 months ago

    Forgiveness is an act that we can do only by the grace of GOD. Let's face it, we are all bound to step on each others toes. None is perfect.Unforgiveness can make us bitter instead of a better.