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nataliejs profile image

Natalie Schaeffer (nataliejs)

Joined 6 years ago from Farmersville, CA




I love writing and animals. Therefore, my hubs reflect on my passion of animal activism. I want to promote awareness of the various types of animal cruelties going on in the world, and inspire others to do what they can to discourage animal cruelty. Animals can't speak, so let's be their voices and teach people a thing or two about compassion.

Anyone who knows me will agree that my heart naturally flows out to animals, whether they are starving for attention, are in pain, or are in dire need. Some people get irritated with me when I go to their house, and I question them about whether or not they have fed their animals or given them water, because I am sensitive to animals' needs, and can tell when they are being neglected in some way.

I've researched different ways in which animals are slaughtered for food and how they are neglected and abused all over the world. Because of this, I have quite a bit of knowledge to offer on the subject of animal activism, and I'd like to spread that knowledge to others. I love to write, and I'm an author, working on my first book, "The Chance," which is based on a personal story of mine, and is meant to help my readers weigh the risks and benefits of being a live organ donor for a loved one who needs a transplant. So as you can see, I have diverse concerns that I target through my writing, but I want to center my hubs around a concern that I feel is very underrated: ethical treatment of animals.

As I sit here writing this bio, I can hear 2 of the 4 cats that my husband & I own, purring peacefully, and I couldn't feel more at home. I plan on getting a dog at some point in the future to add to my collection of what I call "furry children," but I don't feel that my small apartment complex is a suitable setting for a dog to live comfortably, so I'm going to wait on that. In the meantime, I've become very accustomed to the cat species.

I've had my 4 cats since they were kittens, and I've watched them grow up and change their habits and demeanors. They each have their own quirks and personality, and they are like family to me. Some people say animals don't have feelings, but I beg to differ! Take another look in an animal's eyes and you will see either peace, sadness, pain, or contentment. I love, respect, and appreciate all living creatures.

My 4 cats are sisters, and they are all great friends with each other. You can tell that they love each other. Because I love my pets and the beauty and awe that they stand for, I will be a voice for them and for other animals who are suffering. Internet entrepreneurship gives me the opportunity to spread my knowledge, love, and compassion for animal welfare.

I've signed many petitions that protest various animal cruelties, such as animal gas chambers, fox hunting, the annual seal slaughter in Canada, fur farms, puppy mills, circus animal cruelty, elephant tusk hunting, bear hunting, and reindeer hunting. I advocate regularly online for shelter animals and I try to help find them homes through social networking. People need to be aware of the ugly truth about what is really going on with animals, and what we can do to alter that. Every little bit of help counts. There is always something we can be doing to change a situation, even if we only sign a petition or blog about what's going on. I'm taking advantage of my limited means.

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