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Pamela Hopkins (Pamelahopkins)

Joined 10 years ago from Nashville

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  • Project Desk

    Project Desk

    3 years ago

    Every strong, independent woman, desires to prove she can do anything without the help of a man. Except spiders! If there is one thing I need a men for, it's to kill spiders. This is my story of my DIY project gone bad.

  • Still Searching

    Still Searching

    3 years ago

    In my previous blog, I explained my struggle to find a place to live, in Nashville. On move in day, I didn't agree with management at my dream apartment. I was then back to searching for my new residence in my new city and state. all the while adjusting to a new job.

  • Where Will I Live in My New City?

    Where Will I Live in My New City?

    3 years ago

    I grew up and spent my entire life just south of Birmingham, Alabama. I have traveled a bit, but now I have moved to a new City, in a new state. Its a whole new World and I'm lost. Where will I live?

  • 0

    Learning From My Boys

    3 years ago

    I learned lessons of different aspects from my boys on their first hunting trip.

  • I’ve Got This

    I’ve Got This

    3 years ago

    Throughout my life as a single mom, I struggled to get by. There were times when it just didn't seem possible to survive. This blog is about a time just as that, and unique twist of faith.

  • Single Mom Goes Back to School

    Single Mom Goes Back to School

    3 years ago

    This blog is about advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives to going to school, as an adult single parent.

  • Stop Now

    Stop Now

    3 years ago

    This is a poem of a toxic relationship. Just as she tries to move on he resurfaces every time. He doesn't love her. In fact, he belongs to someone else.

  • My Island Retreat

    My Island Retreat

    3 years ago

    This is the third in a series of articles about my international travel experiences. In this article I tell of my visit to Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania, Africa.

  • My African Adventure

    My African Adventure

    3 years ago

    This is a follow up article to Pam's African Safari about my travels to Africa as a single mom with very little travel knowledge. It is a slightly comical look at obstacles I encountered.

  • Pam's African Safari

    Pam's African Safari

    3 years ago

    This blog is to share my experience in first time World traveling with other new travelers. It's a somewhat comical view of the inexperienced traveler from the U.S. to Africa and Dubai.

  • ''Twas the Night Before School

    ''Twas the Night Before School

    3 years ago

    'Twas the night before school And all through the house There was chaos and dysfunction And the cat chased a mouse The children all scrambled The homework to complete Although they had all summer Now a time crunch to beat The...

  • Single Mom Poetry

    Single Mom Poetry

    3 years ago

    This is a poem of love, life, family and divorce.

  • Did I Let the Wrong One Go?

    Did I Let the Wrong One Go?

    3 years ago

    We all have that one person that comes to mind and we wonder "what if".

  • Are Single Moms Discriminated Against?

    Are Single Moms Discriminated Against?

    3 years ago

    You may think discrimination is limited to race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation but its also a growing concern for single mothers.

  • Single Mom Survival Tips

    Single Mom Survival Tips

    3 years ago

    Coping after divorce while trying to balance life can bring you down. Keep your chin up and your smile on. Believe it or not things could be worse and will definitely get better.

  • How Does a Single Mom Find Mr. Right?

    How Does a Single Mom Find Mr. Right?

    3 years ago

    With all her limitations, how does the single mom find Mr. Right when all she has time for is Mr. Right now? I will share my encounters to better prepare you with what will come in your dating world.

  • Dating Life of a Single Mom

    Dating Life of a Single Mom

    3 years ago

    Dating can be difficult for anyone but especially for single moms. Single moms are faced with obstacles from limited time to lack of childcare help. Some choose to not even try. Find your balance.

  • 0

    Single Mom Diaries

    3 years ago

    This is an article that shares aspects of life as seen through the eyes of a single mom. A single mom must overcome many obstacles to succeed in parenting, relationships, home management and career.


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