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  • Blackberry Playbook Tablet

    Blackberry Playbook Tablet

    4 years ago

    I have wanted an iPad since the first commercial aired but I knew there would be no way I would get one because of the price point. Regardless I was resistant to any alternatives. This past Christmas on Boxing Day my husband came home with a...

  • 10

    100 Zombie Writing Prompts

    17 months ago

    This article contains 100 writing prompts with a zombie theme for writers who love to write about zombies.

  • 91 Dominoes Doodle Challenge

    91 Dominoes Doodle Challenge

    4 years ago

    An easy doodle craft challenge to decorate your dominoes.

  • 2

    Sheena Snively

    4 years ago

    This petite blonde beauty from Hamilton Ontario is known for her in-your-face behavior during interviews and punked-ish comedic skits as a co-host on MTV LIVE (Weekdays at 6pm & 11pm). She also has her own reality bites program called Jersey Shore...

  • 105

    100 Short Story (or Novel) Writing Prompts

    17 months ago

    100 continue-on writing prompts (or story starters) to get your creative juices flowing. There is no excuse for not writing!

  • Zendalas Challenge

    Zendalas Challenge

    13 months ago

    A creative art challenge that anyone can do. Take the Zendalas 30 day challenge and find your Zen!

  • 11

    Shelby the German Shepherd

    4 years ago

    It was love at first sight for my husband. We had a rough start getting to know one another but she has been a constant part of the family for ten years and we would not trade her. Well, maybe some days -- you know the barky, digging holes in the...

  • 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days

    30 Hairstyles in 30 Days

    13 months ago

    30 hairstyles for long hair in 30 days.

  • 19

    10 Reasons to Hate Megan Fox (Not!)

    4 years ago

    10 reasons people often site for hating Megan Fox.

  • Giving More

    Giving More

    4 years ago

    A few years ago I was on a road trip with my husband and while listening to CBC radio I learned that a minute amount of people actually give money to charities on a regular basis. The most common times for giving seem to be Thanksgiving, Christmas,...

  • The Fatgirl's Closet

    The Fatgirl's Closet

    13 months ago

    A look into the closets of 9 plus size women of the internet.

  • Cheesy Cauliflower Soup Recipe

    Cheesy Cauliflower Soup Recipe

    4 years ago

    If I had to make a list of vegetables that I like then cauliflower would be in the top ten list. But only, if it is baked or made into a soup. This cauliflower soup recipe is the only way that I can get my husband to eat cauliflower. If you have...

  • A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosophy

    A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosophy

    4 years ago

    Twenty year old Susannah Jones is a second year philosophy student at Sussex University. It's the seventies and there is a lot of love and partying going on which Susannah does her fair share of. She lives with Jason, "a good-looking, mature man of...

  • Under Heaven (In the Shadows)

    Under Heaven (In the Shadows)

    4 years ago

    It's not surprising when pleasing literature is made into films. It's not even surprising when it happens again and again. Take Pride and Prejudice for instance; there are at least five film interpretations of it. Henry James novel, The Wings of the...

  • The Da Vinci Code Movie

    The Da Vinci Code Movie

    4 years ago

    The Da Vinci Code opens as Robert Langton (Tom Hanks) is giving a lecture in Paris on symbols, his speciality. Across town, a colleague, Jacques Sauniere (Jean-Pierre Marielle) is being chased through the Louvre Museum by an albino in monk dress...

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    Burnt Shadows

    4 years ago

    I was first attracted to Burnt Shadows because of an discussion I watched with the author (included below) where she talked about what led her to write this book -- how people who survived the Nagasaki bomb were literally "tattooed" by the kimonos...

  • Eating in Thunder Bay

    Eating in Thunder Bay

    4 years ago

    Thunder Bay is near the Northern tip of Lake Superior close to the Manitoba and Minnesota borders. It is known for it's long winters and warm (but short) summers. I haven't lived there for almost fifteen years. And when we go back there are a few...

  • The Twilight Book Series

    The Twilight Book Series

    4 years ago

    Review of the Twilight book series.

  • Mac and Cheese Updated

    Mac and Cheese Updated

    4 years ago

    This recipe is a lovely twist on the traditional macaroni and cheese casserole. It is super quick to prepare, freezes and reheats well, and of course, it's yummy.

  • 10

    Plus Size Witch Costumes

    4 years ago

    The first time I dressed up as a witch I really had no control over how I looked. I was six years old and the neighbourhood babysitter took it upon her self to get her friends involved before sending me off to school. There was an old black skirt...

  • 934

    Megan Fox's Tattoos

    4 years ago

    A break down of Megan Fox's tattoos.

  • 74

    Terry's Chocolate Orange

    4 years ago

    This is one of the few indulgences that I enjoy. I'm guaranteed to get one or two in my stocking and I will usually buy one while I'm doing my Christmas shopping then I'm good for another year. What I like about it? Well, it's orange flavored...

  • Blended Matcha Green Tea

    Blended Matcha Green Tea

    4 years ago

    Matcha Green Tea is made from dried green tea leaves that have had the stems and veins removed and then finely ground into a powder. They contain one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants and chlorophyll. It is packaged in metal tins that...

  • 22

    Setting Up a 32 Gallon Aquarium

    20 months ago

    We first started our 10 gallon fish tank over eight years ago. We've always talked about moving up in the world and now we have finally done it. This lens documents the set up of our new 32 gallon aquarium home from start to finish. Setting up a...

  • Fat Girl (A Ma Soeur!)

    Fat Girl (A Ma Soeur!)

    4 years ago

    From controversial French director Catherine Breillat, comes this English subtitled film about two sisters from opposite ends for the body spectrum. There's the awkward chubby Anais who is always watching everyone and then there is the modelesque...

  • 268

    My Lasik Experience

    3 years ago

    A Detailed Explanation of My Lasik Eye Surgery Experience

  • Town House

    Town House

    4 years ago

    Short Explanation: An agoraphobic is forced to give up his father's home and cross the threshold into the real world outside his front door with a little help from some unique and equally damaged people who enter his life. Long Explanation:...

  • 39

    We love The 13th Warrior

    13 months ago

    An ordinary man goes on an extraordinary journey with a group of Northmen.

  • 45

    Where to Find Eco-Friendly Bags

    4 years ago

    Online retailers that offer chic, clever or simply pretty alternatives to the average reusable bag.

  • 10

    America's Next Top Model

    4 years ago

    It is hard to believe we are into the 10th cycle of America's Next Top Model. I am a late bloomer, not joining in until cycle 5 and I have been addicted ever since. If you are here you must be too! Here you will find my summary of each episode as...

  • 76

    Plus Size Yoga

    13 months ago

    "Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it. Yoga is universal... But don't approach yoga with a business mind looking for worldly gain." ~Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois Yes, plus size women can and do participate in yoga practise. If you are plus...

  • Products 4 Big People

    Products 4 Big People

    4 years ago

    No matter what your size you should feel comfortable living your life. This lens aims to make it easier by going beyond fashion to provide an introduction to products and / or shops with that purpose. Drop me a line in the comments if you have...

  • 10 Composting Tips

    10 Composting Tips

    13 months ago

    In this day and age, everyone who produces waste(and we all do) should be composting. There is no excuse. Composting is not just about making a pretty nutrient rich soil for your garden. It is about reducing the waste in our landfills (it does not...

  • We Love Muriel's Wedding

    We Love Muriel's Wedding

    4 years ago

    Muriel Heslop (Toni Collette) lives in Porpoise Spit, Australia in the early 90s. According to just about everyone in town the surest sign that you've succeeded is by getting married. Muriel bedroom is plastered with magazine images of brides, but...

  • 15

    Velvet d'Amour

    13 months ago

    Who is Velvet d'Amour

  • 630

    Seven Places to See in Canada Before You Die

    4 years ago

    Seven places in Canada I think everyone should visit at least once.

  • 114

    Curvy Chics

    4 years ago

    Curvy chics are some of the most unrepresented women on the internet. In many of the top searches you find Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton etc. Anna Nicole Smith only made it into Lycos top fifty search terms after she died. It is my...


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