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  • A Fabulous Life for me!

    A Fabulous Life for me!

    6 years ago

    Do you want a fabulous life? Are you always comparing yourself with others? The good news is that you already have a fabulous life; you just need to change perception and a few modifications...voila!

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    How to Prepare for and Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

    8 months ago

    Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of brothers and sisters. This is an Indian celebration, but over the years, it has expanded to people all around the world. Everything, including the what, why, and how, is explained in this article.

  • Children: Life

    Children: Life

    7 years ago

    Have you ever wondered what Life is really like? Have you considered comparing life to children growing and learning....here is a thought.

  • What do you want in Life? (Part 1)

    What do you want in Life? (Part 1)

    8 years ago

    What do you want in life? Who are you? Why are you here? How do you want to be remembered? These are questions we all struggle with all of our lives. Here are a few steps in understanding ourselves.

  • Arranged Marriages are Made in Heaven

    Arranged Marriages are Made in Heaven

    8 years ago

    Discussion on whether love marriages are better or arranged marriages happen in every culture. This article describes the pros and cons of each.

  • Life of Purpose for You

    Life of Purpose for You

    8 years ago

    I want to begin by you taking a piece of paper and a pen. First – draw how you see yourself Second – write down one word that describes that self-potrait What did you notice when you saw the person you are today? Is it your true self or a...

  • See the world, One city at a Time!

    See the world, One city at a Time!

    8 years ago

    Do you enjoy traveling? If yes, determine the type of travel personality you are and then from there decide where you want to go and what your budget will be.

  • Illiteracy vs. Blindness

    Illiteracy vs. Blindness

    11 years ago

    Do you think you can go a day without being able to see? It would be very difficult, right? Well, millions of people live in blindness. As you can’t go a day without seeing, you also can’t go without being able to read! This page is about...

  • Adventures in Books

    Adventures in Books

    12 years ago

    V.C. Andrews.  Dr. Wayne Bryer.  Danielle Steele.  J. K. Rowlings.  Who are these people?  The First Wave.  Harry Potter.  Being in Balance.  The Secret.  The Kite Runner.  Wings.  What are these titles?  Authors and Books. When...

  • Global Warnings

    Global Warnings

    11 years ago

    Poverty.  Hunger.  Population. What comes to mind when I say those words? To me, global warnings. All three of these words are related and all three are major issues for every country in this world. These might not be the most crucial issues...

  • Marriage before Love?

    Marriage before Love?

    13 years ago

    Marriage before love?  Who thinks that question is ridiculous?  How can one get married without falling in love?  Boy and girl meet, they date for a while, boy asks girl for her hand in marriage, girl says yes, they get married and “live...

  • Balancing Technique

    Balancing Technique

    8 years ago

    Having a balance of work, play, finances and everything else we feel is important in our lives is hard. By establishing a technique to keep you in control and a person with purpose is important.

  • Arranged Marriages

    Arranged Marriages

    13 years ago

    I recently got married. Whether that was a successful step for me or not, time will tell. However, I did get the opportunity to learn about the steps it takes to tie the knot from a brides’ point of view. As many of you will know that finding...

  • India: Myths or Facts

    India: Myths or Facts

    13 years ago

    Diverse country Indians ride elephants and live in jungles. They don’t know how to read and are poor. Animals are roaming all over the place, they speak India, they don’t eat beef and they are very traditional. Are these all myths or facts?...


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