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Madalyn Maria Myers (Sassy Diva)

Joined 11 years ago from Forestville M.D.

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    Embrace You

    2 years ago

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    The Sponge Effect

    5 years ago

    When the heart hardens then relax, it is like a sponge.

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    5 years ago

    Grab a cup of tea and chill. This is the season to write.

  • Another Enormous Ego

    Another Enormous Ego

    6 years ago

    For the poetry lovers.

  • Then There Is Love

    Then There Is Love

    6 years ago

    ThisPoem are For Poetry Lovers.

  • As The days Move Forward

    As The days Move Forward

    7 years ago

    Arise it is sunrise A jewel has set in stone Make money over burnt bridges In which a person own Keep faith which is limitless and has tactic Like a flower in a garden that smell aromatic Kindred ways are peripheral and dear As the...

  • Good Vibes From The Universe

    Good Vibes From The Universe

    7 years ago

    Glaring through a looking glass while being still without movement A rebirth of someone new To be courageous as a lion But as meek as a swan While not working for personal gain Having nothing to be ashamed of watching a clock tick There...

  • A Mirrored Reflection

    A Mirrored Reflection

    7 years ago

    Gazing into an unknown dimension Peering into the depth of submission Aiming for a higher purpose A quivering feeling that says I am nervous Gaining possibilities without doubt or shame While having a directive force and no one to blame ...

  • Dad's Girl

    Dad's Girl

    7 years ago

    I wrote this in remembrance of my father since he passed away.

  • Yesterday Was Golden

    Yesterday Was Golden

    7 years ago

    Yesterday was golden Tomorrow is here too soon To fly as high as a Raven To glare consciously at the moon While having peace and harmony Listening to sound and laying comfortably Taking today with a stride While letting go of pride ...

  • When You Are With Me Again

    When You Are With Me Again

    7 years ago

    Sometimes when we lose something, We can gain from what was lost.

  • Who Am I Building

    Who Am I Building

    7 years ago

    Walking and talking with closes eyelids With enough obstacles to build a pyramid While having Chakra strings that connect the dots A metaphysical plane and watching clocks A time to erase all pain from the past With a teaching from our...

  • We Are Always Together

    We Are Always Together

    7 years ago

    We talk everyday When we walk we hold hands Our bodies move together to an acoustic drum Our soul's connection is timeless I can hear your call from afar Our minds are filled with limitless possibilities Our hearts are constantly...

  • What Are You Doing Girl!

    What Are You Doing Girl!

    7 years ago

    I decided to let my imagination run wild and have fun with writing this poem.

  • My Pathway

    My Pathway

    7 years ago

    A long walk and a long stride With no one by my side To reform and become new Sad days are only a few With some hard lessons to learn With hard work and a penny earned My Pathway So many tears turned into fears A set time to switch...

  • My Voice Will Be Heard

    My Voice Will Be Heard

    7 years ago

    A Rythmic sound and a beat of a drum A twitch of the wrist then up goes my thumb To silence the world and to be seen outlandishly A tickle in my throat as I speak ravishly My Voice Will Be Heard To cast a vocal mechanism that is sweet but...

  • A Wounded Soul Of A Woman

    A Wounded Soul Of A Woman

    7 years ago

    A heart that is battered and badgered A spirit that has been shattered Completely underestimated Irrevocable and shaken A Wounded Soul Of A Woman Clueless about where to start Constantly doubtful and less sharp A Wounded Soul Of A...

  • Today I Am Found

    Today I Am Found

    7 years ago

    Today I Am Found is a poem in regards to my ways of self expression.


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