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Writer, Artist, Friend. My name is Stacy, I picked the last the name Birch for my Hud writing because I once had a birch tree in my yard. I've also been planning to write a book under that name for awhile. I've been in this squidoo community for almost six months now and I must say I totally love it. I like reading other peoples lenses and writing my own. I like finding out about new things like Steampunk, I've heard about before, but I never understood and then I read everything about it I could find, watched shows about it and it inspired me to write a lens about steampunk weddings and I loved writing it. Sometimes I think I'm going to run out of topics and then something happens like squidoo comes out with a new challenge and I have to buckle down and think of a way to make my own. My favorite lens of mine own is Zombies in the night, it felt so good to write something so personal about my actual fears, fears that I've never told anyone about before. My best friend joined squidoo just to read it because she doesn't understand my fears. I'm glad that through Squidoo I get to be more of myself than I ever have before.

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