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I'm a thinking man who desires to investigate and learn about the Universe we live inside . I enjoy creative writing and Digital Photographic Art. I enjoy sciences such as: Micro-biology, Astronomy, Computer sciences (programing/de-bugging) along with Philosophy, Ethics studies, and Socratic analysis.

I'm a long-time student of the Christian Bible and follower of the God who created the Universe in all its spectacular glory.

I'm also a Disabled Viet Nam Veteran who fully supports our Troops wherever they may be. I look for a time when warfare will be obsolete.

I love my country of the United States of America and as I have taken the oath administered to me during my induction into the U.S. Navy I follow that oath to this day... to serve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States to the best of my ability. I will gladly lay down my life for my country in defense of our freedoms as given under our great Constitution. I will protect my country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I believe that, in order to be truly Free, we people of the USA must maitain our right to "keep and bare arms" no matter the personal cost involved. "Just ask the Swiss!"

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