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  • Nougat: A Poem

    Nougat: A Poem

    7 years ago

    wikimedia commons A type of candy Made of sugar, roasted nuts And whipped fresh egg white. This poem is a haiku that explains what nougat is. That's a very important thing for writers to know because nougat can easily be confused with nugget,...

  • Unfeatured Poem: An Unfeatured Poem By Will McWryter

    Unfeatured Poem: An Unfeatured Poem By Will McWryter

    7 years ago

    This poem is unfeatured Because it is not very good If you read it you will Say to yourself, why did I waste my time reading that? I could have spent that time Looking at bikini pictures of Maggie Smith. Hot. But what if HP features...

  • Get a Life

    Get a Life

    7 years ago

    Get a life End the strife Take this knife On the wrist Never missed Never kissed

  • Exploring Uranus

    Exploring Uranus

    7 years ago

    Pixabay Pixabay Will nobody explain us what's in Uranus? Terrible aliens brown In a cavern found Alien cavern foul and dank Captain says What's that stank The stank of Uranus Gyrating round the son the father the holy spirit ...

  • Health Benefits of Papayas: Poem

    Health Benefits of Papayas: Poem

    7 years ago

    Pixabay. Papayas must be the best food on earth or else there wouldn't be so much crap on the internet about them. https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/03/01/17/57/nature-87261_960_720.jpg About this poem: I have never even eaten a papaya...

  • Franklin The Hen: A Short Story

    Franklin The Hen: A Short Story

    7 years ago

    Pixabay Franklyn was a good hen who did well in hen school and was the top of his class. All his teachers thought he was going to be a scientist when he grew up. His favorite teacher was Miss Hammercock, a big rooster who was in charge of saying...

  • Nugget


    7 years ago

    CC0 pubic domain photo from pixabay.com This nugget is cold This nugget is really old This nugget has mold This poem has a great rhyming scheme and tells the story of a chicken nugget. It also has 5-7-5 syllables so it doubles as both a haiku...

  • Snowflake Poem

    Snowflake Poem

    7 years ago

    Little white snowflake On a frozen lake It is cold outside But a slay ride Would be nice on the ice. The snowmen are singing Bells are ringing. "Slay": to kill or murder in a violent way. "Sleigh": a sledge drawn by horses or reindeer,...

  • Haiku by Will McWryter

    Haiku by Will McWryter

    7 years ago

    CC0 public domain image from pixabay.com This is a haiku Five syllables then seven Then five more again. Haikus are easy poems with three lines invented by Japanese people. Japanese people also invented anime. The first line has to have five...

  • Romance on the Appalachian Trail

    Romance on the Appalachian Trail

    7 years ago

    pixabay.com CC0 public domain free for commersial use "What do you want to do tonight?" Dwaine asked his crush Carli. "I want to go to the beach." Carly replied hesitantly, blushing just a little, the string tie of her bikini top poking out from...


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