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Cat Flea Medicine - Looking For Flea Control For Your Cat?

Updated on December 7, 2010

Controlling Cat Fleas With Medicine.

Finding a cat flea medicine is a challenging task for any pet owner, particularly cat and dog owners. I'm going to discuss some solutions which are commercially available. Read on to know more..

Fleas are little flightless leeches which flourish by sucking the blood of your pets. Flea infestation is very usual in house pets. Cat fleas and dog fleas are among the most basic type of infestations. Fleas bite into the animal, which makes them need to scratch or bite themselves. This could result in assorted skin infections. Furthermore, fleas are very hard to get rid of altogether and have a enormous rate of growth.

Therefore, it's very crucial for cat owners to get hold of the problem and begin elimination measures at the very 1st case of flea infestation. Assorted cat flea medicine is available in the marketplace that will assist you in carrying out this task.


Control for cats are on hand in several forms such as shampoos and dips, oral medicines and spot on local medications. Medicated cat flea shampoos are the least effective, yet a typically applied means of getting control of the flea infestation. These shampoos are utilized for washing your cat, so that the chemicals in the shampoo can kill the fleas. Shampoos leave a tiny amount of residue on the skin of the cat.

This form of cat flea medicine can only keep the fleas off for a day, at most. Dips are more in effective than shampoos since they as well remove mites and ticks on cat, along with fleas. Furthermore, they can keep the infestation under control for leastways a week. Even so, dips leave behind a strong and considerable amount of residue on your cat.

Powders and atomizers can as well fend off fleas for a few days. All the same, these treatments of flea restraint are no longer used a lot. Oral medications are a favorite choice of  control due to their effectively and manner of working. These medicines break down the life cycle of the flea by stopping the hatching of eggs. For, fleas prosper from the blood of animals, releasing certain chemicals into the blood can resolve the problem of flea infestation.

These chemicals keep the flea eggs from being born into new fleas, after the female lays them. Because, there's no occurring, no larvae can come out. As a consequence, there is no next generation of fleas. Therefore, these medications efficaciously control the population without killing them. These medications are as well accessible in injectable form. A lot of cat flea medicine reviews have bragged "Program" and "Sentinel" as best choices.

Spot on handlings are the most effectual and best-selling cat fleas treatments. These types of solutions keep the larvae from coming out and maintain the development of existing larvae in control. Topical treatments should be given between the shoulder blades of your pet. The effect of these lasts types work for more than a month.

How to decide on the best cat flea medicine...Is to consult your veterinarian and follow his advice regarding the choice. Since, your veterinarian will be acquainted with your cat's health issues, he would be the most suitable person to advise you. Also, you should as well ask about the dose and way of giving it. One must be heedful about the ingredients utilized in the medicine to prevent possible side effects. Price is another factor to look at. Certain inexpensive medications may be more effective than costly ones. Under all circumstances, DO NOT USE products designed for dogs, on your cat.


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    • Paulart profile image

      Paulart 6 years ago from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001

      Nice information on this hub.

    • wrhapsody profile image

      wrhapsody 6 years ago from Renton, WA

      I use Adams flea shampoo followed by Revolution or Hartz flea liquid for the back of the neck. Works wonders!

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 6 years ago from Washington MI

      Useful article on getting rid of fleas on your cat. I used Advantage and it seemed to work well. left some fleas though. The vet recommended Revolution next month to make sure they are all gone. Also gets rid of ring worm, so I like that idea. Plus the kitten will be a bit older. Excellent articles on cats and kittens, so useful, I am glad I found your HubPage!