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Pet Medication - Making Sure The Pet Medication is Correct.

Updated on December 7, 2010

Don't Give Your Pet The Wrong Medication!

Our pets give a lot of happiness into our lives. And occasionally they need some pet medication. We need to be very responsible and devoted to their wellness and happiness. A pet needs vaccinations, supplements, emergency medicine, flea preventives, de-worming, heartworm prevention, and more. We would all like to see our dear pets with fit skin, shining eyes and excellent teeth.

If your needing to purchase some medicines on the Internet or by mail, First have your animal checked by a veterinarian. Dose required will be determined by your vet...Not some online so called specialist that hasn't even seem your pet...So how can they determine what must be done. After giving the medicine, watch out for side effects. Regular follow-ups with the vet will assist in dosage allowance, if necessary.

Pet medication, if given wrong, can be harmful and even fatal to your pet. So don't give them any medicine without advice. For instance, preventive heartworm treatment cannot be given to a dog with a ongoing active heartworm infection. A lot of drugs should only be kept at specified temperatures, or else they can become spoiled. Veterinarians and pharmacies have refrigerators and other equipment to maintain these drugs in the correct circumstances, so if you're ordering online, look out for these specifications.

Certain pet medication meant for one type of animal could not be good for another. Dogs and cats are dissimilar from one another and so are the medicines there prescribed. Flea powders and other medicines designed for a dog can't be given to a cat, for cats are inclined to lick themselves everywhere. When you purchase drugs from internet stores, do assure whether all criteria has been observed. As well look very close at the expiration date of the product, it's clearly stated on the label. Medication may be useless for the animal after the expiration date is passed.

Antibiotics are great value in healing a lot of diseases, however the proper dose must be given. Measured in milligrams, a small increase in the dose can really harm your pet. If misapplied, they can be fatal, so administer them as per the prescription. Avoid using anything that your veterinarian says so, as certain diseases, like diarrhea, can be treated more beneficial without antibiotics. If you're ordering antibiotics via mail order or from a web store, make certain that you have a correct prescription from your veterinarian.

All retail merchants should have a suitable license to sell pet medication. Make a point that the drugs are USDA or FDA approved. Your pet needs all the care you are able to give it, and sometimes it's necessary to give them drugs which can be an important part of pet care.



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      Paulart 6 years ago from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001

      Nice information on hub.I am really glad to read this.

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      arun125 6 years ago from chandigarh

      wow that is very nice