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Petscriptions - Is Petscriptions The Best Pet Pharmacy Online?

Updated on December 7, 2010

Best Pharmacy Online!

The name of this internet pet store says it all [petscriptions]...It's the place to shop if you require prescription medications for your pet. However this company in addition to features additional merchandise that will help in the day to day care of your pet including nonprescription medications, assorted supplements for your pet, and a great deal more. The company is licensed as an true pharmacy in the state of Kentucky; so consumers don't have to worry that they'll be getting medications from other countries or medicines that have passed their expiry date.

4 Reasons to Buy From Them Are!

>>>> Overall options... What sets this Online pet pharmacy apart from your local vet that dispenses your pets medication is one very important matter...Price! The pick of medicines is the same and you can see each and every medication...Both prescription and over-the-counter on their internet site and you’ll find that they're the exact same thing as what you are spending piles of money for at your local veterinarian...It's simply so much cheaper. The merchandise at Petscriptions are the freshest and are guaranteed to be the same medicines that your vet have ordered. You'll be able to read elaborate instructions, side effect data, and descriptions of all and every item available simply by clicking on the item’s full color picture and product description.

>>>> Ease of User interface...It’s not a difficult chore in the least to purchase your pet prescriptions on the internet in fact...It’s quite easy. At Petscriptions you simply place your order online by finding the product that you need, entering in the data asked for regarding your pet and your veterinarian. They will then get hold of your veterinarian and ask for a copy of the prescription drug. For over-the-counter medicines and supplements, you merely click on the item you desire and add it to your shopping cart. Than simply follow the online instructions for payment and you’re finished. 

>>>> Outstanding Customer Service...If at whatsoever time you've got some questions concerning the medicines available at Petscriptions...You can call their customer service team. There's a toll free phone number and an email address where inquiries can be forwarded to. All inquiries or questions are responded in a reasonable amount of time. Customer service staff can as well assist with placing an order for prescription medication, giving advice on supplements and nonprescription medicines, also with returns and forgotten passwords. The team at is committed to making a point that each and every customer is totally satisfied with their online experience.

>>>> Security and dependability...By serving the world’s pet population with the finest medicines at low-cost prices is precisely what they do for pet owner’s all over. The medicines are always new and are Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency authorized. Just like your local veterinarian, these vets at Petscriptions are licensed and familiar with your pet’s demands. The company as well carries a lot of other items useful to pet owners like brand name supplements and other nonprescription medicines.


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    • profile image

      jme 5 years ago

      Drug companies do not sell their products directly to online where are they getting their products from. Also drug companies like the ones that sell heartgard WILL NOT back any products that is not sold thru a vet.they will not guarantee anything sold thru online pharmacies

    • Paulart profile image

      Paulart 6 years ago from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001

      Very nice information on hub.