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Catnip For Cat - Should I Give Catnip To my Cat?

Updated on December 7, 2010

Catnip for cat toys is certainly very much in demand and are accessible in various types and forms. You could have seen such play toys or you may have already purchased one for your cat. It can be really amusing and entertaining to watch your cat's tricks, when they play with these toys. But, have you ever questioned the relationship between catnip and most cats? Just about all people, who purchase these catnip toys might not even know exactly what is catnip? In this article I hope I can help you in understanding more about catnips and how it effects your cat.

What are some of the effects of catnip for cats?

Catnip is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the mint family Lamiaceae. It's recognized for its lively effects on cats and the name 'catnip' is from this phenomenon existing between catnip and cats. Even the Latin term cataria relates to cat. The catnip plant is oftentimes found as a weed and is at present widely employed as a recreational stimulate for the use by cats. You might have come across cat toys filled up with dehydrated and ground catnip, catnip pockets, catnip atomizers, etc.

It's been discovered that 2 out of 3 full-grown cats are affected by this herb and when they come into contact with it, they can show some funny behavioral changes. This includes tumbling over the leaves, chewing, pawing, purring, grumbling, scratching up, nipping, holding, and so forth. The cat could as well drool.

Although, a lot of cats react to catnip in the above noted means, some others might not have any result from the herb. Typically, kitties and senior cats are determined to be disinterested in catnip and exhibit no effects. It has likewise been observed that fresh catnip is the most efficacious as far as cats are interested. All the same, fully grown felines, including large wild jungle cats are found to have this catnip effect. It's also been noted that a few cats turn hostile, as they come in touch with catnip or catnip toys.

The results of catnip on cats endures for a brief time and afterwards, the cat could need to take a nap. For the next 3 hours, the cat won't be excitable to another exposure to catnip. What is the grounds for the astonishing conduct in some cats, while they're exposed to catnip?

It has been noted that a lot of people still have doubts concerning catnip and cats. The next section deals with the understanding behind the catnip effect on cats.

How come Cats react to Catnip?

Reports have shown that the effects of catnip is due to the presence of a terpenoid known as nepetalactone in the herbaceous plant. It's stated that...Cats sense this substance with the assistance of their olfactory epithelial tissue and this leads to hallucinogenic results. Catnip herb has been determined to be safe for use for cats, however, it's been advised that in uncommon cases, it might cause vomiting and diarrhea. It's in addition to been said that drugging can be among the effects of catnip on cats.

Genetics is mentioned as among the primary aspects of the relation between catnip and how some cats react to it. It's been noted that Aboriginal Australian cats don't react to catnip. In short, cats must inherit harmonious genes that make them sensitive to catnip. It's as well considered that cats belonging to those areas that are not native to catnip, don't show any such response.

So, now, you've a basic perceptive about the individual aspects of catnip and cats. An occasional treat for your cat is ok.


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    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Another great hub with very useful information. My cats LOVE catnip..we have some growing in the front yard planter and it returns each year. Dormant in the winter. I've seem my cats drool, lull, play and romp "under the influence." thank you SBD! Voted UP and USEFUL!