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Pet Medicine - My Pet is Sick...Do They Need Pet Medicine?

Updated on December 7, 2010

Pet Medicine...For Your Sick Pet.

Although the World Wide Web is a fantastic reference of information on pet medicine, it will never be capable of replacing the hands-on exam by your Veterinarian. Anytime your pet is sick or [simply not him/herself], a call to the Veterinarian is appropriate. That said, the information accessible on the World Wide Web is a superior means to get added information or to resolve those after hour questions.

Frequently, when an pet owner discovers the diagnosis for his/her sick pet in the examination room, the stunned feelings overthrow everything else. If they was only some magic pet's only afterwards that the rattling questions spring to mind. Other times, a missed telephone call from the vet can leave an owner seeking for more information after getting the message that the results are [positive] and now the Veterinary clinic is now closed for the evening.

Whether your beloved pet has already been diagnosed with a disease, or this is something new to deal with, it often helps to read up and do some research on matters. Personal stories, what to anticipate, how to deal with giving the pet medicine, and length/prognostic factors are essential pieces of information to make your care taking job easier. A lot of information as well makes an owner a better observer to relate anything new or odd to the present vet.

Just because you read it online does not mean the information is precise. So where can you start? I've compiled a list of some of the places that commonly offer veterinary medical information on the Internet.


>>>> Veterinary Schools...Veterinary colleges and schools vary in the quantity of pet owner information provided online. Also, the simplicity of finding that information varies from site to site. If your pet is in need of specific or referral care, it's a good idea to contact the Veterinary school closest to you for help and advice. This may also be a good place to research the pet medicine your pet will need to take.

>>>> Veterinary Clinics and Infirmaries...Just about of the clinics and infirmaries on the internet provide pet owner information, written by the staff Veterinarians and veterinarian surgeons. The information given is normally written for the pet owner in mind, and covers basic situations and diseases.

>>>> Personal Sites...Some proprietors, having gone through first hand with a disease with their pet, will sometimes put up a internet site. The caliber of information on these internet sites can vary substantially. All the same, most put forth good information. And beware of what pet medicine worked for them may not be the solution for your pet.

>>>> Commercial Websites..Internet pet stores, such as Acme Pet, Friskies, and Pets Smart, provide pet owner information. This is typically a short overview, but useful in that pet owners are made aware of what to lookout for and when they need to call their Veterinarian. Veterinary vendors provide information occasionally, though this is normally aimed at Veterinarians.



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    • Paulart profile image

      Paulart 6 years ago from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001

      It is very informative hub for pet owners.I am glad to read it.

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Thank you for more great information for all of us who love our cats and dogs so much. Voted UP and Useful