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Planning the Perfect Dog Pen

Updated on May 12, 2010
Flickr image by Keven Severud
Flickr image by Keven Severud
Outdoor Chain-Link Dog Pen: Flickr image by P Linehan
Outdoor Chain-Link Dog Pen: Flickr image by P Linehan

Outdoor and indoor dog pens offer security, comfort and a place to exercise and play for the dog and peace of mind for the owners.

For dog owners who care about the comfort and health of their animals, a quality dog pen is not just a luxury, it is a necessity.

Even the most pampered house pet can benefit from playtime in the great outdoors. The fresh air and room to run is essential for a healthy happy canine.

Outdoor dog pens need to be safe, large enough for the animals that will inhabit them, and they also need to provide shelter from the elements so that the dogs can enjoy them even in inclement weather.

Dog pen fencing comes in various types, from the popular chain link fencing that is chosen because it is durable, attractive and safe, to wood, which is less durable, requires more maintenance, but is relatively inexpensive.

Outdoor Dog Pens

Keeping your pooch and its environment safe is the most important aspect will selecting a pet containment option.

Safety is the most important consideration when planning an outdoor dog exercise pen. Whatever material is chosen, it needs to be installed in such a way that it leaves no sharp edges or dangerous spaces that a dog could get his head stuck in, and it must also be strong enough to keep the dog contained.

A rambunctious Rottweiler will require a stronger pen than will a passive Poodle. An aggressive dog needs a pen that will allow it plenty of room to run, but strong enough walls to protect anyone who may venture close.

If your pooch likes to climb or jump here are two very good reason to plan your dog's pen with a top. If you've never seen a determined pooch attempting to escape his enclosure watch the videos below.

If planned well, indoor and outdoor dog pens are great for protecting an animal from the environment around it, as well as protecting the surrounding environment from the animal.

Mom Watching Over Her Puppies in Their Pen ~ Flickr image by NetDiva ~
Mom Watching Over Her Puppies in Their Pen ~ Flickr image by NetDiva ~

Planning an Indoor Dog Pen

Dog play pens are not only for outdoor play and exercise. They can be very beneficial indoors as well. A dog exercise pen that is inside the home is generally smaller, portable, and can even be collapsible for easy storage when not in use.

There are some pens that are versatile enough for use both indoors and outdoors, particularly for smaller dogs. These are typically made of panels that interlock and can be set up in an octagonal shape to allow a dog to run around without getting caught in a corner, or they can be set up as a square or rectangle and a covering placed over it.

For more active dogs, this type of pen should be anchored to keep them from moving it around. A dog playpen in the house not only benefits the dog, it is also very helpful to the dog owners to know that there is a safe and friendly environment in which to put their canine companion when they are unable to supervise them.

A dog pen is an important purchase and care should be taken to get a pen that protects the dog. It must provide a safe play and exercise area and offer protection from the environment and any elements that may put the animal at risk.

Outdoor Dog Pen with Top: Flickr image by Alshain49
Outdoor Dog Pen with Top: Flickr image by Alshain49

There are many types of pens from which to choose, but the perfect pen is one that fits your particular canine. If your pooch is small and not very active than a portable enclosure might be just find. On the hand, if your pet is big and strong a heavy duty or permanent chain-link containment option would probably be best.

If you have a dog that is determined to escape his pen then you will have to be extra careful when selecting and setting up an exercise area. Consider the most secure options, such as a concrete foundation, chain-link top and a pad lock for the gate latch. If you pup gets out and wanders off he could get into mischief or otherwise come to harm.

The purpose of any dog pen is to keep your pet safely contained while providing some basic creature comforts and peace of mind for you.

Is Your Pooch a Jumper?

Will Your Dog Climb Out?

Outdoor Dog Exercise Pen with Top
Outdoor Dog Exercise Pen with Top


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    • iriegirl profile image


      9 years ago from Jamaica

      Yes it is really a great product. Your hub information provided great advise. The visual effects were great too.

    • profile image

      Joey Solice 

      9 years ago

      I needed a large enclosure so I bought 3 pens and joined them together. I now have a large safe enclosure for my 3 dogs. Dog exercise pens are an essential piece of kit to own.

    • WilfordSy profile image


      9 years ago from The Bahamas

      Great hub chap! My uncle would love this since she loves dogs.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great vids, great hub!

    • n8blls profile image


      9 years ago from Austin

      The videos are hilarious!!!

    • Shaunelle Tansy profile image

      Shaunelle Tansy 

      9 years ago from a galaxy far far away

      As you can see from those videos, dogs are persistent creatures. If you're going to go to the trouble of getting a dog pen for outside, make sure it is Houdini proof :-)

    • jecrawlipp profile image


      9 years ago

      I think that I can now plan the perfect dog pen - of course, I'll have to keep coming back here for the info :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thank you for the solid information. It has really helped in my planning.


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