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Tips to Stop Cat from Scratching your Furnitures

Updated on January 18, 2015

Stop Cat from Scratching Furnitures

Cat scratching has been an embarrassing and expensive problem which has troubled a lot of cat owners. If you do not provide any alternative to your cats then they try to make your carpet and furniture a place of scratching spot.

Furniture is normally expensive and it costs much on its repair or replacement. The owners feel embarrass when guests or visitors come and see the damaged furniture because of scratching.

To stop happening of cat scratching furniture you have to take some simple steps which are really helpful.

To stop cat scratching furniture just cover your furniture with the material, which does not attract cats for scratching. Adhesive sheets and plastic are very much effective and beneficial and you can cover your furniture with these.

Then you will observe that cats are not coming on these places and do not really interested to scratch them.

Sprays or scented oils of citrus are also very beneficial and effective to stop cat scratching furniture and carpets. The one thing you have to consider that the sprays you are going to use should not be harmful to the surface of the furniture and, you end up with the more costly damage than those of scratching.

So if the spray is not harmful so, you can spray it on the surface. Then your cats will feel annoyed to come and sit on these places.

If you have an indoor cat then you can cover the nails of the cat with the nail caps which you will install on the front paws. These are really easy to install and are very good to stop cat scratching furniture.

Do not try to apply these nail caps on the outdoor cats because with the nails they can defense themselves.

The other way to stop cat scratching furniture is to divert the attention of the cat towards other alternatives like the scratching posts, scratching pads and other playing things.

How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

Tricks to Keep Cats off Furniture

Cats naturally like the softness to have some rest and sleep and scratch the rough area to fulfill their instinctive desire.

If you have cats in your home and you are worried about this things that they are just destroying your interior things like furniture and other stuff. Then you have to find out the alternatives to keep cats off furniture.

Generally, pet lovers do not like this behavior and they try to find out the possible ways to keep cats off furniture. The one of the most important reason of keeping them off is, cats leave dandruff and hair that sometimes trigger allergies.

There are some simple tricks which can help you out if you really want to keep cats off furniture. On of the interesting trick is the use of walkie-talkie.

You just have to place the walkie talkie under the cushion or pillows or where your cats really like to sit most. These walkie talkies have the loud alarm and the sensor.

So, when the cats will try to sit on the specific place the device will produce the louder noise and it will scare them away. If you will place most often on the particular places then cats will not come again to sit there.

There are some other ways also to keep cats off furniture. For example, you can provide them the scratching posts. You can train them that how to use these posts. With this you can save your sofas and cushions to be scratched.

To keep cats off furniture you can provide them the toys, beds and houses. Then you can train them that how they will use their own things to fulfill their requirements.

With the presence of these things and after training, your pets will start using their own things and will not damage your furniture.

Keep your Furniture Safe form Cat Scratches with the Help of Cat Scratching Furniture

If you have a cat in your home then you must be worried about the scratching nature of the cat and your precious and expensive furniture pieces and other things like curtains and carpets would preyed by her to scratch.

This is not the problem of any one person. It is the problem of all people who have cats in their home and they want to do something for solving this problem.

Now you do not need to be worried because you can have the cat scratching furniture for your cat and you can train her to scratch only on those pieces.

Most of the time you observe that cats, which wondering around usually scratch on the trees and the grass and they fulfill their desire on these things. But you cannot leave your pet cats outside as other animals may harm them.

Scratching is the natural instinct of the cat and it has to fulfill it in any case. So, you can provide it the cat scratching furniture to scratch. The cat scratching furniture pieces can be of different types either you can have the scratching tree.

This tree has specific kind of material which can easily bear the scratches of the cats and your cat would love to play with it. Your cat can even fulfill the desire of climbing on the tree with this.

There are different kinds of the cat scratching furniture available in the market which can be varied according to the colors, shapes, designs, materials and sizes.

You can buy them according to the nature of your cat and also your can buy it according to your budget. But one thing you must have to consider while selecting the cat scratching furniture is the height of your cat so your cat can easily scratch on it and stretch its body with an ease.

Cat Scratching Posts, Pads, Collars, Leashes And Harnesses

A scratching post or pad (a post that rests on the floor) is one of the essential items you need to purchase if your cat is to remain indoors unless, of course, you want your cat to scratch the furniture. An indoor or outdoor cat, on the other hand, will simply use the trunk of a tree.

Because she likes a good full stretch when scratching, the post should be taller than she is when stretching her body to full length and raising her front legs. A tightly woven carpeted post is preferable to a loosely woven one, and a good choice is indoor or outdoor carpet.

Another favorite is a sturdy log or orange crate. Or you can purchase or make a post or pad with sisal rope. Simply wrap the sisal tightly around a length of wood. This can be either free standing or nailed to a door frame.

If your cat is always indoors, she will not need a collar. If you want her to wear one for decorative purposes, or in case she slips outside and is found, or if she is an indoor and outdoor cat, then make sure the collar has the break away feature to keep her from being strangled.

A leash is needed only if you want to train your cat to take walks with you. The leash should be of a light material and, given that your adult cat may range from 5 to 25 lb (2 to 11 kg), it should be suitable for her size. It should never be fastened to any collar.

Only a figure-8 harness, made expressly for cats, should be used with the leash. A dog harness is not suitable and a collar is too easy for her to slip out of and she might run away.

A cage to confine your cat is a good idea if you have guests who are not fond of cats on their laps or if your cat is ill and needs to be kept in one place. A large kennel will do. Or you could adapt your child’s playpen or crib by placing a lid on it. In the case of the crib, cover the sides with hardware cloth, or wire.

How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

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