Are you a cat or dog person. Why?

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  1. Marsei profile image93
    Marseiposted 6 years ago

    We had dogs until three of our older dogs died around the same time.  Because they were incredibly expensive to board and we travel some, we decided to try cats.  We are now hooked.

  2. Marsei profile image93
    Marseiposted 6 years ago

    Oops, wrong place.  Ignore!

  3. lorlie6 profile image84
    lorlie6posted 6 years ago

    I have been both, but recently our 2 most beloved dogs, Birthday and Friday, had to be put down.  My family and I were heartbroken...inconsolable.  We were left with a marvelous 1/2 Wolf, 1/2 Malamute named Ranger who is again, a wonderful and sweet tempered animal. 
    Within the course of a year, though, we 'inherited' a Queensland Heeler named Clifford, a Chocolate Lab named Milo, and a Mutt named Buddy.  We inherited them from our son who was having trouble in his home with their destructive tendencies and personalities.  Unfortunately I fell in love with Clifford and Milo, and my hubby was quite taken with Buddy.
    But now we have real problems with Clifford, his nature is to nip at the heels of cattle, so now he's doing the same to Milo, causing fights.  He's also nipped at my 2 year old grandson-and gotten punished severely, as far as I can punish wink-so I'm not sure what to do with him.  Perhaps I'll give him to a local cattle farm.  It's his instinct to keep creatures under control, so I now understand the breed;  before we took him in, we did not.
    So Ranger and my cats are my loves now, I have 4 sweetheart kitties and wouldn't give them up for anything!

    1. Marsei profile image93
      Marseiposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You are such an animal lover; I knew you wouldn't be able to choose.  My cat has a bad personality so I understand the problems.  We both love his independence and the fact that he's a fighter, but I have some scars!  Thanks for your answer and enjoy all your animals!

      1. lorlie6 profile image84
        lorlie6posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Bad personalities exist in all species, no??? wink

        1. Marsei profile image93
          Marseiposted 6 years agoin reply to this


  4. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 6 years ago

    I prefer dogs smile I love how they learn to understand our environment (bears, porcupines, the highway tongue ) they are expressive. My one dog, Koobla Khan (RIP) , my sons swore he barked at a leaf blowing the wrong way in the wind, that's how serious he took his duty, alerting us somebody/thing near the house lol mind you, we also have a cat, Diva. We 'inherited' her and cause our allergies to go nuts, but we are ok with that. I've had birds in the past and enjoyed them flying around, playing with my earrings, or strutting around lol

    1. Marsei profile image93
      Marseiposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I agree that dogs are more expressive.  We had a Lhasa Apso that was like a little person.  I can still see him on his tiptoes peering out the window in the sitting room, like a little Pooh Bear.  I like having birds, too, especially one named Bach when I was a kid.  He rode around on my shoulder and nibbled my earlobes.  So glad you're putting up with Diva.  Cats grow on you.  Thanks for commenting.

  5. demonfort007 profile image71
    demonfort007posted 6 years ago

    I use to really believe I was partial to dogs and have always had a dog. Right now we have a german shepherd, Marmalade. She is anything but a protector. She will push me right in front of her if she feels threatened. Seriously! lol But lover her. BUT then there was this crying for 3 days under the house and finally we got this tiny kitten to come out. We tried going under but in the dark the kitten would run and hide but when we walked around the house it followeed us around and cried. So here I was holding this tiny kitten, who was scarred and hungry and just a mess! Well now 8 months later or tiny kitten, Sarah, is the most wonderful and adorable sweet girl who craves and hounds for attention as much as my big fur ball dog! Both demand attention from me all day long. Both want to be right next to me all day long and they play together and sleep together and now I can't say that I'm partial to one or the other! I love them both dearly. Bot are enteraining and both require the same affection, meals, baths, vet check ups etc....I wouldn't trade one for the other!

    1. Marsei profile image93
      Marseiposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I loved your answer.  I think I feel the same way.  The kitten sounds wonderful!  Seems that's most pets want is attention and for that, we get unconditional love, which is pretty much a bargain!
      Thanks for answering.

  6. profile image0
    Arlene V. Pomaposted 6 years ago

    I am a dog and horse person.  Cats don't like me.  And if cats don't like you, they will find someone that they do like.

    1. Marsei profile image93
      Marseiposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You are so right.  Cats are very strange characters and weird about who they like and don't like.  Horses don't like me because they sense I'm afraid of them.  They have always scared me because they're so big! 
      Thanks for answering.

      1. demonfort007 profile image71
        demonfort007posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        I have never met an animal that I didn't like and that didn't like me! I guess I'm really lucky! My son attracts cats...I call him Doc. Do Little! lol Love horses too!


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