Are you a cat person or a dog person and why?

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  1. Shil1978 profile image85
    Shil1978posted 14 years ago

    Are you a cat person or a dog person and why?

  2. Jaggedfrost profile image60
    Jaggedfrostposted 14 years ago

    lol That is a question that in some circles could start a fight. As for me, usually I like the reliable comfort and obedience of most dog breeds if they have been properly socialized.  I have, however observed that, for me the question is usually about personality and bonding as to whether I will choose a cat or a dog as a companion.  Dogs seem to bond with humans easier on the whole but my favorite pet of all time was a cat.  She was a Manx by the name of M.U.F.

  3. Jeff Berndt profile image71
    Jeff Berndtposted 14 years ago

    I like other people's cats and dogs pretty much equally. Dogs are cheerful, goofy fun, and cats are more serene, and both are nice in their way.

    But if I were to own a pet? I'm totally a cat person. Dogs need too much hands-on attention too often for me to be a good caretaker of a dog. Plus, I'd rather empty a litter box than pick up dog poop. smile

  4. Shil1978 profile image85
    Shil1978posted 14 years ago

    Thank you Jagged and Jeff for your answers. Interesting perspectives!! Personally, I am a cat person. Maybe I just don't have the personality to handle dogs. Cats are more like me, I guess smile They just keep to themselves most of the time and have a sense of pride, as in they don't wag their tails and follow you around!!

    I just like the serenity of the cat. They just seem so carefree and serene.  Plus, they are pretty much independent compared to dogs. They can take care of themselves most of the time. Much easier to handle compared to dogs. Just my personal opinion!!

  5. taganisted profile image59
    taganistedposted 14 years ago

    i love cats, they're easy going and free ranging, but I'm allergic to them! I'm fond of my familys dog, but she's highly strung and demanding, i just don't find it easy to relax around her.

  6. profile image0
    Chasukposted 14 years ago

    I'm a dog person. Cats are too aloof for my liking, whereas dogs are always overjoyed to see me. A cat interacts on its own inscrutable schedule, a dog willingly interacts all of the time.

    I'd also rather pick up dog poop than clean out a litter box.

  7. PurpleMountains profile image61
    PurpleMountainsposted 14 years ago

    Animal Owners usually take sides: I love cats but I hate dogs; or, I love dogs and I hate cats.  But, Animal Lovers love both cats and dogs.  For example, when I first started out adult life as an apartment dweller, I chose cats and became an animal owner.  I never knew that there were people out there who hated cats, or hated dogs, for that matter.  Imagine my confusion when my new mother-in-law expressed her disgust in this way, "cats are dirty and destructive, that's why people hate them!".  I was thrust into this fight and forced to choose sides. So being the dutiful animal owner, I chose cats.  I learned everything about them.  I had adopted a little black kitten three years earlier, who was convinced I was her mommy.  She was my chosen test subject, because she performed what I taught her.  The other two cats were not cooperative, infact, they were disgusted by her uncatlike cooperation with my belittling requests.  She learned to come when called, to sit when asked, to get down when asked, and to lay down when asked.   I achieved the status as the 'cat whisperer'.  I became a respected cat authoritarian among the dog people.  I was happy in my catdom and I presided over many discussions where I enlightened dog people about the 'cat'.  I happily claimed I was a cat person until my life changed.  Fast foward 10 years to my present situation: my little cat had died, I had filed for divorce, and I took the cats and one of the three dogs.  I took the two cats, of course, because I was a cat person; I took the dog because he reminded me of our first Rott, and the better times in my life.  I have lived with my baby Rott for six months and I am completely devoted to him.  I am learning about 'dog', because my ex dog person is not around to interpret.  I no longer consider myself a cat person.  That would be a betrayal to my little boy, Dude.  I consider myself an Animal Lover.  I have learned education and first hand knowledge made me appreciate the little quirks of my cats and dog.  Did I mention?  I saw my dog smile for the first time!  I never knew dogs could smile!!!  Awesome.  I love my animals.

  8. TinaMarieTad profile image66
    TinaMarieTadposted 14 years ago

    Hello. I like both cats and dogs, but prefer cats above dogs. I like that my cat is less demanding and can be left alone without being destructive. There are times when I am not home for 8 or more hours at a time, and a dog would leave me a mess by time I returned home. I come home and my cat is happy to see me and no messes, no destruction, and no worries while I am gone.Dogs are great too for companionship. Thanks for a great question!

  9. profile image0
    Shawneepaintsposted 14 years ago

    I totally agree with Chasuk! 
    We own both, a cat and two dogs.  I perceive the cat as an arrogant snob, although I am the one who makes sure he doesn't suffer and that my daughter cleans his litter box.  He's her cat.  Funny that he chooses to lay on my pillow when he wants company at night and that he lays on my arm most of the time if I'm on my laptop.  I'm not evil.  I believe our pets are at our mercy; and he didn't choose to be my daughter's pet.
    However, I hated when I had to clean the litter box, hate his moodiness, and hate that he walks on surfaces and gets cat hair everywhere he goes.
    Our dogs are like our little children.  They are always happy to see us, don't hold grudges, and hate to be separated from us.  They make us laugh and touch our hearts.

  10. Origin profile image59
    Originposted 14 years ago

    I love both cats and dogs, but if I had to pick I would pick cats. They are nice if you have to work late, because you don't have to go home or call a neighbor to let your dog out, the cat has their box to go poo in!

  11. mlizardo2010 profile image61
    mlizardo2010posted 14 years ago

    im an animal person in general, i love all animals, but cats are my favorite, they're cute, cuddly and gentle creatures, i had a cat before and i had to give her away because i was about to have my first child the doctor adviced me to give it away because of the cat litter liked to brain damage to unborn babies. it broke my heart giving her away, and now i have a dog, and in the search of a new kitty.


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