rules and regulations of cat shows

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    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    rules and regulations of cat shows

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    Health requirements in accordance with the rules in the Rules of the International Exhibition of Felina - Fife.

    All cats must be vaccinated against:

    - Coryza
    - RABIES
    (for all cats coming from abroad, with more than 5 months).

    Will not be allowed within the precincts of the exhibition pregnant cats, or nursing and cats under 3 months.

    All cats must be clean, flea free and in good physical condition.

    The veterinarian has the authority of forhibit acess to the venue of the exhibition, of cats that do not meet health standards.

    The Judges have the authority to declassify the Cats that do not meet health standards after confirmation by the veterinarian of exhibit.

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    By determining the point a) of Article 15 of the Rules of the Exhibition FIFE all white cats must be accompanied with the report of vaccines, a statement from a veterinarian attesting that the copy in question does not suffer from deafness.