Why does our dog keep vomiting?

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  1. dingyskipper profile image57
    dingyskipperposted 9 years ago

    Why does our dog keep vomiting?

    She has suffered from vomiting for two years. The vet recommended trying different foods, no change, gave her medication, no change. No food comes up just liquid, it happens at any time during the day or night. The only time she stopped was when she hurt her leg, after it was completely better she started again!

  2. selahangel profile image60
    selahangelposted 9 years ago

    What medication was she on when she hurt her leg?  Was it a muscle relaxer or a pain killer?  Your puppy might be in pain.  Depending on her size, it could be anything from a cyst in the digestive system to a twisted stomach.  You need to find a vet that is willing to do the work.  X-rays and maybe even expoliritory surgery.  It will be costly if you don't have health insurance on her - but how much are you willing to pay to save a memeber of your family?

  3. alexadry profile image94
    alexadryposted 9 years ago

    Do you feed your dog only once a day? Some dogs suffer from acid reflux and may vomit bile (yellow liquid when left too long on an empty stomach). If this is the case, try to feed twice a day or give snacks.

    Did your vet ever have you try Hill's I/D? It is for dogs with sensitive stomachs..Some dogs get much better on an all raw diet, look up BARF diet for dogs...It may be she is intolerant of something found in commercial dog foods..

  4. profile image57
    NNathanielStockposted 9 years ago

    myself i would think its a psychological problem unless you was giving her a certain type of medication when she hurt her leg. Also did you give her more attention when she hurt her leg. Dogs,cats and horses wil do something to get attention. And she might be eating something when you dont see her i would watch her closely when you let her out and observe what she does. And also try to give her more attention. But if she stoped when she hurt her leg then she is getting into something or someone is feeding her.

  5. jj schaller profile image58
    jj schallerposted 9 years ago

    I always go to the simplest answer first.  The fact that it  stopped when she was hurt and probably not being walked outside, makes me think it is related.  The #1 reason in my experience for dogs being regularly sick is grass eating.  They eat it to make themselves regergitate and aliviate stomache discomfort.  Couple of questions to ask is...
    How fast is my dog eating?
    How much is my dog eating?
    Is my dog having regular bowl movements?
    This is just from my experience I am not a vet. 
    Good luck to you and your dog!

  6. Valerian profile image71
    Valerianposted 9 years ago

    Is your dog possibly suffering from Vertigo?  Or dizziness from something, like doggy dementia (if that exists)?

    My dog vomitted when she got Vestibular Syndrome (because they get dizzy while they have it) and needed to take medicine for nausea during the three weeks she had it.

    But I know that actual Vertigo can be a syndrome in itself, that your dog might have all the time.  If it seemed to go away while her leg was hurt, it's possible she wasn't puking then because she wasn't walking around much.  But once she got up and started walking around again, she started getting dizzy again.

    So, maybe ask the vet about trying nausea medicine?  Hmmm....

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