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Dear sister, I have a question and doubt in my mind fighting within about keepin

  1. Cassandra Lai profile image60
    Cassandra Laiposted 7 years ago

    Dear sister, I have a question and doubt in my mind fighting within about keeping my cat in safety.

    my mother-in-law does not like cat because she think that cat can cost one can cost a conceiving woman to lost the baby in the womb. Her daughter gave my husband some information and it created the doubt in his mind too. We have not got chance to seek for veteran's advice. IT IS TRUE? I love shining, it is very hard for me to let him go and he has been with us for some years. But we also wanted baby. At my this age of 41 years. Getting pregnant is a crucial period. Please share your experience and your advices, thank you.

  2. yenajeon profile image80
    yenajeonposted 7 years ago

    Here are some suggestions for you!

    1. Get some medical/official information about the safety of cats. Cats have nothing to do with pregnancy. They are probably just misinformed.

    2. Find a local veterinarian to speak personally to your family about the truth about cats.

    3. Put your foot down. If you love your cat, your need to stand up for both of you and say you're keeping him!

    Good Luck!! I have a cat as well and I would die if I had to give her up. I understand how you feel: Koreans don't really understand having cats as well so my grandmother tells me that my cat will suffocate me at night! Haha

  3. wychic profile image89
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    Definitely talk to a qualified professional, if available. However, cats in and of themselves do not cause pregnancy issues...there is a bacteria that developing fetuses are susceptible to that is in the cat's feces, so if your husband is willing to clean its litter box then there shouldn't be an issue. My first pregnancy was carried out around a cat with absolutely no complications, and I have many, many friends who have a cat or multiple cats in the house throughout pregnancy. The only one that ever had to get rid of the cat was after her baby was born and the baby was allergic to the cat. Even the bacteria from the litter box is not a huge concern, especially if you can avoid contact with soiled litter and wash with warm soap and water when you're done...my doctor always said the best was just to have someone else clean up after them until after baby is born, but my ex-husband refused most of the time and I still ended up cleaning it, but with no complications.

  4. heavenbound5511 profile image77
    heavenbound5511posted 7 years ago

    From what I heard & from experience cats don't hurt unborn or young babies. ***You can't change the litter box because of whatever is in it's dust & or feces when your pregnant is all I know. You should be able to keep your cat Shining with no problems. I have lots of cats & always have even through all 3 pregnancies & my babies were all fine & my cats didn't do anything to them. Hope this helps!