Stop an older dog peeping in the house

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    chema53posted 7 years ago

    Stop an older dog peeping in the house

    my dog is 6 years old and I can take him outside to peep put he will come inside and I will find peep on my houseplants anything that I bring home, I can clean the area but he will still go

  2. dkrainwater profile image60
    dkrainwaterposted 7 years ago

    A suggestion would be to tie a tube sock or other material around the dogs waist and privates. Don't make it too tight but make sure if the dog marks his territory inside it will wet itself. Dogs do not like this. After a few times your dog will get the idea and wait until the outside is available. Remember to give the dog positive reinforcement when he or she goes outside and never spank or punish your dog. Just make them go outside when you see them marking.

  3. Puppyluv profile image72
    Puppyluvposted 7 years ago

    Is he neutered?  If not, that may be your problem.  A male that isn't fixed will mark his territory.  Having him fixed may help, but at his age, the behavior is pretty much ingrained and will be tough to stop.  Watch him closely and if you notice that he's urinating more frequently, in small amounts or straining to go, he could have a bladder infection.  Inappropriate elimination in older dogs that were previously housetrained is more likely a medical condition i.e. infection, kidney disease, etc.