Top 10 Dog Breeds!

  1. Whitney05 profile image60
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    So according to the AKC after 10 years the American Bulldog has found it's way back to the top 10 list! It's about time!!!

    Other dogs included: lab, yorkie, german shepherd, beagle, and boxer.

  2. thooghun profile image84
    thooghunposted 9 years ago

    Go Boxers! My old dentist had boxer (makes it sound like I have no teeth doesn't it?) that was so fat he couldn't turn corners. The dentist (and I) would find him stuck stiffly at the corner to the downward-spiralling stairs and he'd have to pick him up and turn him.His name was Frank. God I love boxers!

  3. bccs profile image52
    bccsposted 9 years ago

    Thanks for sharing.. smile