Anyone know what I can do to calm my dog down? The fireworks have had seriously

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  1. huntnfish profile image92
    huntnfishposted 10 years ago

    Anyone know what I can do to calm my dog down? The fireworks have had seriously her on edge all day.

  2. Sethughes profile image91
    Sethughesposted 10 years ago

    Mine too! I don't know what to do other than give them treats. But then they freak out again when they're done eating it.

  3. DrMark1961 profile image97
    DrMark1961posted 10 years ago

    It is too late for any chemical tranquilizers and you donĀ“t need to go out and buy a calming muzzle at this time but the best method I have heard of is just common sense anyway. Put the dog into a guest bedroom with a small radio or TV turned up loud enough to cover up the noises. If your dog will allow it you can also try using cotton balls in the ear canals just to decrease the sounds.
    Dogs are really social animals so if you just dump her in the guest room and walk away she will probably follow you despite being afraid of the fireworks. Grab your laptop and plan on passing up the fireworks and spending the evening with her in the room. Your presence will really help.
    I will publish a hub on using the muzzle to calm dogs that are stressed out and apologize that I have not got around to it yet. If she will lay next to you try putting a dishrag over her muzzle and it will calm her.
    There are also some CDs for sale with dog white noise. I will publish a hub on them soon.

    1. huntnfish profile image92
      huntnfishposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks! I'll give it a try. Its not that shes scared of them, shes a German Shepherd and very protective of the house, so I think she thinks we're in danger. Usually I'd want her up and barking at what sounds like a gunshot, just not tonight.

  4. JayeWisdom profile image90
    JayeWisdomposted 10 years ago

    My mini Schnauzer doesn't like the fireworks, especially those that are close and very loud. In preparation for the noise (which actually began in my neighborhood a couple of days ago), I've been using lavender essential oils for calming aromatherapy. It helps both my dog--and me--"chill" while fireworks are going off all around us.

    If you keep calming essential oils on hand, now's the time to use them!  If you don't, get some before New Year's Eve, when the fireworks will start up again.


  5. profile image0
    DoItForHerposted 10 years ago

    Drmark is spot on. I would like to add that worrisome, negative behaviors will influence the dog, but I get a sense from you that is little problem.

    The true solution is training ahead of time; CD's are a big help. Even with the best of training most dogs won't handle the extreme situation of the 4th with aplomb, but most WILL be able to make significant improvements.

    Sethughes: Giving treats to calm a scared dog almost always results in making dogs more scared. Why? Because it is giving a positive reward to a negative behavior.

    What behavior do you want? Calmness? Reward that instead.

    Easier to do this before hand when you have more control over the training environment and are able to take baby steps to work up to the desired behavior. Being proactive well ahead of time rather than reactive at the last minute helps bunches and bunches.

  6. Winter Maclen profile image60
    Winter Maclenposted 10 years ago

    Most times an anticipatory call to the vet can help so plan ahead for next year, but a half a Benadryl for a 35 pound dog will make them sleepy and less stressed. You can also try crating to create a sense of safe haven. Our smallest dog is terrified of thunderstorms and for everyone's peace of mind, her crate is the safest, calmest place.

  7. samsons1 profile image61
    samsons1posted 10 years ago

    I heard a Vet on TV say that eating turkey breast seems to calm down dogs, but I would add that this would have to be in anticipation of or before the events started to be of any consequence...


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